10 Tips To Tastefully Decorate Your Outdoor Space Without Blowing The Budget

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Decorating your home is about decorating both the inside and the outside of your house, even more so if you have a garden! Most people go on a decoration frenzy when it’s the holiday season and that’s wonderful.

But what if you want to decorate your home and gardens at any time of the year?

If you are thinking of decorating your home all year round, there are many themes that you can focus on. It can be the changing season – spring, summer, autumn or winter. It could also be a national holiday or a seasonal holiday.

When we think of decorations, it must be something that looks inviting, welcoming, cozy, and joyful. However, there’s a chance that we can go overboard with our decorations, and what starts as tasteful and excellent can turn quickly into tacky and messy.

Decorating your home and garden is about exuding feelings of happiness so it’s always good to decorate the outside of your house so that everyone passing by can also revel in the happiness and joy these decorations bring. It’s an excellent opportunity to shine in the neighborhood!

Natural door wreaths, majestic trees, solar or electric garlands, wooden decorations… There are plenty of ideas for outdoor decorations. From the door to the facade, the windowsills, the terrace, and the balcony: here are ten tips to bring in an uplifting spirit without overdoing it, without going overboard with your budget, and without needing extravagant installations.

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#1 Decorating trees with lights

You can always go right with tree lights. Decorating the trees in your garden is essential. Think of dressing them up with string lights that sparkle and tinkle. If you’ve got a box of lights waiting to be lit up, anytime is a great time to start decorating with them. Go beyond just string lights. You can light up the walkway with solar lights and add decorative lanterns to the front door.

#2 Don’t use too many colors

To successfully decorate the exterior of your home tastefully, keep the colors and types of light the same. This way, you avoid aesthetic overload. You can mix classic natural garlands for the day with lighted string lights for the night.

The door, the railing, the terrace, or the garden could do with being lit up and decorated! With lights, decorations, and garlands, it is possible to transform your garden for both night and day and bring the coziness inside the home, outside. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy in helping you decorate the home!

#3 Limit the garden characters outside.

Don’t turn your garden into a mannequin fest. The one thing you can do to make your garden decorations tasteful is to limit the number of figures, objects, and animals. This means not adding too many garden gnomes, animal figures and other objects randomly to your lawn. Also, if decorating for Christmas, choose tasteful Outdoor Nativity Sets that complement the façade of your home as well as the lighting you install in your garden. The proper lighting reflecting your beautiful outdoor nativity set is a sight to behold, bringing out the spirituality and magic of Christmas.

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#4 Hang your garlands properly

How you hang your garlands and lighting also play an essential role in bringing together the aesthetics of your home and garden. When outdoors, position garlands along window frames and attach them properly to ensure an elegant and solid result. Use transparent hooks, strips, and wire to arrange your garlands and lights. Interlacing ribbons and bows throughout the garland add a beautiful touch too. However, keep in mind rule #2- only a few colors. You want to think stylish and tasteful when it comes to festive decorating.

#5 Consider decorations with LED bulbs

In the garden, you should choose decorations made especially for the outdoors. This means that they are resistant to moisture and low temperatures. They should also be durable enough to last the weather elements, especially the cold temperatures, and wind. Choose decorations and garlands based on LED bulbs, which are durable and consume little energy.

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#6 Control your decorations remotely

With all your options today when decorating your home, go for remotely controlled lighting and decorations. This lets you change the outdoor lighting, colors, and patterns without leaving your sofa!

#7 Save money and opt for solar decorations

One to go one step further with your decorations? How about solar lights? To save energy, opt for solar-powered decorations, especially for certain parts of your garden, such as the walkway, behind a landscape feature, near your outdoor nativity set, and high in the trees. They recharge during the day, light up at nightfall, and light up to six hours at a time.

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#8 Enhance the façade and entrance to your house

If you are lucky enough to have an extensive frontage or veranda, you can also use it to enhance your outdoor decoration. The ideal way to do this is to place sheer curtains along the window of your house or veranda. This will give your home a touch of elegance and beauty that will blend in effortlessly with the decoration of your outside window. Sheer curtains also catch the sunlight during spring and summer days, adding a soft glow to your home.

#9 Highlight the trees.

The trees surrounding your garden are your home’s best feature day and night. This is where solar lights come in handy, creating an eye-catching decoration no matter what the season. This is the best way to maximize your outdoor tree decoration. The best thing about using solar lights on your trees is that they light up the minute it goes dark enough without you needing to turn on the switch or tap your remote control. It also doesn’t eat up your electricity bill. Install a garland of stalactites between your trees and shrubs, combined with a light curtain and LED bouquets to create a decor worthy of a shower of stars.

#10 Don’t forget the pool and balconies

When discussing outdoor decorations, we always think of the garden. However, all outdoor areas should be well decorated to create harmony! So, it would help if you also looked for ways to decorate your balcony or terrace. There are many possibilities to do that. For example, putting simple or illuminated garlands all along the railing brings the whole look together. Garlands can also embellish a planter or pot on your terrace. |

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