DIY Yard Work or Landscape Company? Here’s How to Choose

A study showed that Americans spend 6 hours per month, during the warmer months, mowing their lawn.

We’ve all had those hot days of picking weeds, dragging out the lawnmower, and laying mulch. To most, it feels unbearable as the sun beats down on our skin.

On the flip side, some people find working in their yard to be relaxing. They enjoy stepping back to admire the fruits of their own labor as they sip on a cool glass of lemonade.

Does your lawn need some work? It’s difficult choosing between a landscape company or doing the work yourself. We’ll help you make the choice in our guide below.

Hiring a Landscaping Company

One of the obvious benefits of hiring landscape companies is not having to do the work yourself.

The employees of a landscaping company will gladly get their hands covered in dirt and soil while you carry on with your day. They also have much better tools for trimming branches and cutting grass than you do in your garage.

Working with a landscape supply company is also great for major renovations. Having professionals on your side will guarantee the results you’re looking for.

DIY Yard Work

Are you skeptical about working with the landscape company in your town? Don’t feel alone because many people enjoy doing the work themselves.

Doing DIY yard work means you’re able to have full control of the entire process. You can choose your favorite materials, colors, and yard designs for your renovation.

You also have full control over your lawn and household budget. Landscaping companies may be expensive, although they often have expertise that you do not.

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Doing your own work can also cost a lot, so be sure to compare prices before purchasing.

Finding a Landscaping Company Near You

When deciding who to choose from a list of landscaping companies, do a bit of digging on company websites.

Read client testimonials, the full list of services a company offers, and the employees’ experience. It even helps to look at photos of yard renovations the company has completed in the past.

If you’re looking at a company’s page, such as this page, and you don’t find the information you’re looking for, directly reach out to the company. Inquire about an initial consultation to discuss your vision and budget.

No matter what, cover all the details of your renovation and/or yard work before agreeing to pay a company. The company should have a contract for you to sign.

Major Yard Makeover: DIY or Landscape Company?

Keeping up your front lawn is difficult, especially if you have kids and a full-time job. Is it worth doing lawn work yourself? Should you hire a landscape company?

Landscaping companies are helpful because of their refined skills and experience. But doing the work yourself allows you to have complete control. The choice is up to you!

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