Early Summer Tasks

The most important thing is to enjoy the garden during the summer. For a few months everything is madly flourishing, and the best way to keep the garden looking good is to make sure you do 4 things: keep weeds under control, water young plants with short roots the moment they start to flag, mow the grass but never too severely, and look out for pests in the greenhouse, attacking any with biological controls.

Early summer is usually a busy time of year. The weather can be very variable, ranging from sudden late frosts, when you have to run out and cover tender plants, to the hottest day for nine months, when everything in the greenhouse bakes.

early summer

Early summer is also the period when any spring-sown seedlings should be putting on good growth and will need potting up or planting out in the garden. The weeds will be thriving as well as everything else, and it is vital that they are promptly removed before they take hold.

Some are quick to flower, and if they are allowed to scatter their seed the problem will become much worse. Pests and diseases are also starting to thrive, and prompt action now will stop them from getting out of control, necessitating more drastic measures later.


If you have a heavy rainfall early in the season, it is a good idea to apply a thick mulch to the flowerbeds, to help conserve moisture for the drier months ahead. A mulch also acts as an excellent soil conditioner.

Ironically, despite all the tasks that need doing, early summer can often be a disappointing time in the garden. The spring plants have finished, and the summer plants are not yet in their stride. If the garden looks a bit quiet and plain, it’s only temporary and everything will be flourishing within a few weeks.

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