Exotic And Unique Air Plants

For decorating the indoors and outdoors, air plants holds a significant position. These unique looking plants look amazing and wonderful. They are not just meant to glorify the outdoors but also to fashion up the indoor décor. Air plants look exotic, unique and are extremely very easy to care. They can further be grown anywhere and everywhere. These creatures can offer a formal and modern look into our home. Displaying them in vases, bowls, pottery and terrariums, they look incredible and adorable. They can be bought not just for perfect home décor, but they can also be given as gifts during house warming or other occasions. Furthermore, such wonderful species look so cute that you would like to name each one of them.

Air plants or tillandsia are a part of the bromelias family. These plants are categorized into 550 species. They are grown naturally in the lands of Central America, South America and Mexico. About 16 species of the plants are a native of Florida. As they do not require soil to grow, they get all their nutrients or water through the moisture or dirt particles found floating in the air. More importantly, the root system of the species act like anchors in order to hold onto rocks, trees and so on and so forth. As the root of the plant has no major role to play, these can be detached without any harm for the purpose to mount them easily.


These species can grow to maturity and blooming. Earlier, during or after the blooming of the plant, they would start reproducing new or young pups. In general, many of the plants would readily produce between 2-8 pups which would further mature and bloom and later produce new pups. So, in this way, you can have as many tillandsias as you desire.

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Secrets of success

– Tillandsias require more water as compared to other plants. However, this does not mean to immerse them in water as they cannot survive in deeper waters.

– Sunlight is a major factor for the growth and development of the plants. In its absence, artificial lighting would also serve the purpose.

– Though the plant are not parasitic, they do not damage the host tree.

– Trim or cut away damaged, brown or bent leaves as it can harm in the growth of the plant.

Furthermore, these colorful and tiny plants can be used to add a color of nature when kept indoors. They can truly add seven stars to indoor decorations. They could make the décor of the indoors environmental friendly and green as well. To add on, these plants are available in many different exciting varieties and colors.

Tillandsias are easy to grow and care as well. You can get them online in many different online stores. You can check out the varieties and select the one that perfectly suits your home décor. You can also get best deals when ordered online.





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