Fire Pit As Focal Point In Your Garden

Fire pits can become focal points for yards, gardens, or patios. People don’t traditionally think of their lawns as art. However, you exercise skill, knowledge, imagination, and creativity when you design elements of your landscaping or garden. One of the basic principles of design is building around a focal point. Fire pits work as focal points in yards both with gardens and without. If you lack a green thumb, focus your outdoor area around the fire pit. If you tend a garden you’re proud of, use an outdoor fire pit to draw the area together. It will help people feel relaxed and cozy when they spend time visiting with you in your garden.

Of course, fire pits lend light and warmth to outdoor gatherings. But they also create an inviting atmosphere. If you’ve ever sat around a campfire, you probably remember how good it feels to relax at the side of an open fire.

Fire pits work well for non-gardeners. After you finish the installation, your main task will be to keep the area around the fire pit clean. You need to keep clutter away so it doesn’t catch fire. You’ll also need to sweep away ashes if your fire pit burns wood. These tasks are easy to do yourself or to assign to someone else in your household.

Even for those who do tend beautiful gardens, fire pits can serve as focal points. All the things that make fires appealing for non-gardeners make fires appealing for your guests, as well. What good is your work in a garden, if you never take time to sit and enjoy it? If your landscaping lacks a focal point, you can create one by adding and rearranging a few things.

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If you are planning to put in some new landscaping, an easy way to create a unified look is to decide on a focal point and arrange other elements around that point. Breaking up your lawn adds interest, and a focal point brings all the elements together. This is the area that should first draw a visitor’s attention. You can reinforce fire pits as focal points by arranging other items around them. Outdoor chairs, accent tables, potted plants, or screens all make good choices. When building your theme, use colors and shapes to your advantage. Use complementary or contrasting schemes to build out from your focal point.

Regardless of whether you garden, you can use a fire pit to break up your lawn and provide a focal point for your outdoor space. When you install and maintain fire pits, or whenever you burn in them, you should carefully follow all the manufacturer’s directions. Otherwise, you could create a fire hazard on your property. Build around the focal point by adding complementing or contrasting pieces—furniture, privacy screens, plants, garden art, torches. Think about what you like and what seems to fit. When you’re done, you should have created the impression that all the different elements in your patio area or garden hang together as one.

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