Flowering Trees For Garden Shade And Beauty

Flowering Trees For Garden Shade And Beauty – The most important components in a landscape are probably trees. Their prominent shape and size gives the necessary depth to any garden or lawn. Such a large and tall plant can be impossible to ignore in any scenery and they can add a sense of permanence with their remarkable longevity, making it possible for them to be enjoyed through generations. Additionally, trees attract life as they have the ability to support whole ecosystems being a possible home to birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels, small plants, and other creatures. Moreover, trees can also become aesthetic, flowering trees can add beauty and grace apart from a sense of strength and prominence.

There are many kinds of flowering trees, each being valued for their distinct qualities. Here are some of the popular flowering trees in the landscaping scene:


Dogwoods. These are among the most popular and well-loved flowering trees that blossom in the spring. The soft white or pink flowers are indeed pleasing for to the eyes. Additionally, dogwoods also look good in the fall season as their leaves turn to a rich and bright red tinge. Having a dogwood in one’s backyard can definitely light up one’s surroundings for much of the year.


Rose of Sharon. While the rose of Sharon is technically a shrub, most people think that it is a tree because it can grow tall and be trimmed down to a single tree-like trunk. Its lilac-tinted flower is very attractive. The blooms come relatively late which makes it good to be planted with early blooming trees to enjoy flowers throughout the season.

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Rose of Sharon

Cherry, Mulberry, and Crab Apple. These flowering trees are generally grouped as weeping trees because of their teardrop-like buds. The elegant white to pastel pink flowers create a cozy ambience that is quite calming. These ornamental flowering trees add color and excitement to any landscape.


Crab apple

Washington Hawthorn flowering trees. This trees are very much valued because of the distinct time when they bloom. They usually flower from the latter portion of the spring to the early part of summer which makes them ideal in the transition period between the two periods, when most spring trees have shed they blooms and most summer trees have just started budding.


Magnolias. These are sometimes called saucers obviously for their big flowers that are very noticeable to anyone nearby. This type of flowering tree makes a big impression on anyone who beholds its beauty.

Crape Myrtles. This tree is considered as the queen of the flowering trees in the south as it is a very popular choice for Southerners. They bloom for long periods starting from the middle of summer to fall. The flowers bloom in clusters that can be white, red, pink or lilac, which are attached to the tips of new wood. In temperate regions, these flowering trees can die in the winter, but come back in springtime.


Harry Lauder’s walking stick. This unique tree with an odd name is indeed a distinct flowering tree as it becomes beautiful only when it sheds its leaves. This is also technically a shrub that looks at a tree because it can go over four feet high. Harry Lauder’s walking street is ideal for those who have winter planting in mind.

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Harry Lauder’s walking stick

There are several other kinds of flowering trees and each could add beauty as well as strength to any landscape. Planting trees can be such a worthwhile endeavor to beautify any piece of land.

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