Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas – Front yard landscaping is a fun expression of yourself and your home. If you are looking for a way to say, ‘welcome to my home’ then you may want to start thinking about redesigning your front yard. If you were coming to visit your house, would you want to knock on your front door? If you are not sure about that answer, then you may want to start thinking of ways to spruce up your front yard. To help you get started, here are some fresh front yard landscaping ideas:

1. Add some flowers to your front yard

Your home is a stranger’s first impression of you. To make your home look friendlier, add some flowers to your yard. Flowerbeds are great and simple ways to accent your front yard.

Flowers can be used to line a sidewalk or the pathway to your front door. Colorful flowers in beds around your front porch are sure to be a pleasure to any newcomer.

2. Add some trees to your front yard

Trees and shrubs are a great way to line a porch or front yard property line. Shrubs are a great way to keep things looking neat and well maintained. As long as you give them the proper attention they require. Try not to use trees that loose their leaves on walkways and make them slippery. Consider using fruit or dogwood tress for the front yard. These are beautiful trees that produce sweet calming scents.

3. Decorating porches

What you do with the front porch depends on its size. One good way to add comfort to your front porch is to use benches, tables, and accent pieces to create a warm and comfortable look. Plants and greenery is another way to add not only beauty but also, color and dept to any front porch or patio. Climbing vines are an impressive way to accent a porch railing or arch way.

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4. Fix your sidewalk

Your sidewalk or pathway should be well maintained and kept clean or debris. If you have a sidewalk that needs repaired, then make the necessary mends to make it not only safe but also inviting. Sidewalks made of concrete or some sort of decorative stone or rock are best. Add a little creativity to make it a focal point of your front yard.

5. Fountains or ponds

A peaceful addition to any front yard is a pond or small fountain. You do not want something that is too overwhelming. If you are add in a pond or fountain to your landscape, then add some brick or stone for the border or foundation.

6. No confusion

Some good advice for your front yard is to keep it simple. You do not want your front yard to look like a jungle or make people feel like they are going through a maze to find your front door. No matter what design you choose for your front yard, as long as you keep it neat and well maintained you will be delighted every time you walk up to your front door.

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