Garden Fences And Fence Styles

Garden Fences And Fence Styles – Garden fences provide various degrees of privacy and architectural interest, but they may also cut off light and breezes. Select a fence style that will satisfy your needs: a louvre or trellis will let in breezes; a panel or vertical-board fence will offer privacy. Or combine two styles: for example, a solid one below with an open style above.

Vertical-board garden fences and screens are popular and easy to construct. By nailing boards to both sides of the rails, you will allow breezes in, but maintain privacy.

Basket weave panels can be purchased from DIY stores and garden centers. They will also sell suitable posts, post spikes and galvanized brackets for attaching the panels. You can use grooved concrete posts, too.

Horizontal-board fence

– Grooved posts work well with a horizontal-board design. As an alternative, you can nail boards to the posts and to 100 x 50 mm rails top and bottom.

Louvre-style garden fences and screens are attractive and allow ventilation. The verticals – 150 x 25 or 250 x 25 mm – are angled and overlapped slightly. The degree of the angle determines the amount of privacy provided.

Vertically-boarded panels, using feather-edge boards, can be constructed or bought. A gravel board at the bottom and capping top will protect the end grain.

– For an open slat design, space 75 x 25 mm timber boards their own width apart. secure the boards at top, bottom and middle with rails of larger timber.

Basket weave panels

Basket weave fence design

Vertical-board garden fence

Horizontal-board garden fence

Horizontal slat garden fence

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