Garden Rocking Chairs

Garden Rocking Chairs – For years, individuals have dropped into garden rocking chairs to find rest. At the end of a long day, they have soothed their tired bodies and minds. They have rocked on their porches, soaked in the outdoors through their senses, and observed the activities of animals and other humans.

Garden rocking chairs now come in other materials besides wood, but they continue to offer a combination of two remedies for stress and weariness. The enjoyment of the outdoors, combined with the physical motion of rocking, brings a sense of peace and well-being to many people.

Outdoor activities often help people to feel refreshed and peaceful. They enjoy seeing plant and animal life in their backyards. Others watch people walking by on the streets around their homes. Fragrant smells, warm sunshine, and a cool breeze add to the sense of pleasure. Birds sing. Neighbors wave. Squirrels scramble up tree trunks and across limbs. Blooms dot the flower beds. Giggling children putter by on their bicycles. The smell of charcoal wafts from a backyard on a nearby street. A dandelion’s seeds float away on a current of air. People see, smell, hear, touch, and taste any number of things outside that bring them peace and pleasure.

Those who seek the outdoors for relaxation purposes may prefer patio chairs, hanging swings, or garden rocking chairs as primary pieces of furniture. But the popularity of garden rocking chairs may be due just as much to the effects of the rocking motion as to the appeal of the outdoors.

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The relaxation effect of rocking does not lie merely in a vague psychological influence. Several medical studies have indicated that rocking physically aids relaxation by lowering blood pressure and breathing rates. The relaxation effects even extend to more serious physical problems. Rocking chairs have been used to decrease lower back pain. Clinical studies have also used rockers to treat people following surgeries. Patients who rocked every day shortened their hospital stays. In some cases, rocking has also reduced the need for pain medication. Clearly, the physical benefits of rocking can enhance both health and relaxation.

Union Rocking Chair with Sunbrella ® Cushion, Crate&Barrel

Garden rocking chairs harness two areas of enjoyment for many people. They allow people to find relaxation through the rocking activity, plus they allow people to enjoy the outdoors. People soak in the experience through their senses. Because of these two facets, garden rocking chairs make a perfect tool for those looking for a way to ease stress and find relaxation.

Tom Chambers FSC Wooden Garden Rocking Chair,

Wooden garden rocking chairs have been a popular choice for a couple centuries or more. Teak, cedar, and cypress rocking chairs make solid investments for your home or classy gifts for your friends and family. These types of wood endure outdoor conditions and weathering well, and they require little maintenance. You can even use these woods without chemical treatments. Poly-resin, made from recycled plastics, also holds up well to outdoor use. Resin looks similar to painted wood but cleans up easily like plastic does. Whatever your lifestyle, you can find a few garden rocking chairs to fit.

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