Gardening Tips: Replicating Ireland’s Fall Landscape

Important Elements to Consider for Your Irish-inspired Autumnal Backyard
Ireland has a bountiful of flora and fauna. Their landscapes and natural beauty are worth replicating in our gardens. Incorporate colorful shrubs, scented plants, leafless tress, daffodil bulbs and other flora that can bring life to our garden this fall. So if you are wondering how to create an Irish feel in your garden, follow the simple tips we’ll present bellow. From plant suggestions to essential garden elements, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Colorful and Scented Flowers
Combine an assortment of dazzling and scented flowers that will bring a sudden glow and astonishing zephyr to your autumnal surrounding. According to White Flower Farm, botanicals during this period should break the dullness of the landscape and should be able to survive the cold weather even if there’s minimal to zero exposure to the sunlight. Suggested flowers are the following: Etoufee Hyacinth, Hyacinthus Carnergie, Narcicuss La Belle Fragrant Bulb, Yellow Trumpet Daffodil flowers, Impression Pink Tulips, and Allium ‘Globemaster.’
Squares and Planter Teapot For Container Gardening
Watering plants according to  How To Garden  is simple and low maintenance if you use a pot for your flowers and other plants. You might want to consider the idea of container gardening. If your paving is light colored, use a dark planter. Otherwise, do the reverse. A square planter is highly recommended as it give a good impact and minimalist impression. Remember, the pot shouldn’t upstage your flower. If you have a dark-colored wall, the M&S (Marks & Spencer’s) decorative White Garden Planter Teapot is the perfect container for growing flowers or keeping hydrangeas to your garden.

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Mount an Awesome Aqua
Gardens around the world have a prominent figure of a water fountain. This is also a great addition to your backyard landscape provided that it stays with your garden’s theme. Since we’ve suggested colorful flowers for your fall landscape, a white or golden fountain is a brilliant option. Opt for a water fountain with a lopped sprinkling technology to save water.
Add Bonsai Trees
Miniature trees are also suggested even for an outdoor use. Consider adding at least five bonsai trees in your backyard landscape. In, one of the best selections they presented is the 14-year old Azalea Rhododendron, preserved in a while square planter, which surprisingly gives pink flowers all year round.


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