Gardening Wonders: 10 Plants To Grow At Home

You do not need a professional license to start your garden. This activity can be enjoyed by everyone interested in planting. Determination and patience are the primary requirements to begin planting.

this list.It would be best to determine what plants you want to care for to start your planting journey. Moreover, if you are already considering planting at your home and wondering what plants to grow next, various plants are coming from many types that you can select. Here is a list of plants you can check out.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that can also be an excellent indoor plant. It is easy to grow and does not need heavy maintenance. This plant is particularly popular with homeowners because of its various benefits, such as burn relief. In planting this plant, make sure that they get bright, indirect sunlight. Keep in mind to prevent them from direct sunlight as aloe veras tend to dry out quickly and turn yellow.


Milkweed is an essential plant to most butterfly gardens as they attract lots of hummingbirds and butterflies, especially monarch butterflies, into your garden. Milkweeds can tolerate poor soils so that you can skip applying fertilizer to them. Also, they quickly grow and fill the spaces within plants. So, your real challenge in producing them is containing the milkweeds. Learn More about milkweed when you visit Gardener’s Path.


Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable garden plant during the summer. They are more affordable compared to most vegetable plants and can be planted even at your balconies. Make sure that you choose a suitable variety for your garden. In this way, flourishing tomatoes will not be a problem. Fortunately, they are easy to grow and are exceedingly productive when the appropriate conditions are met.

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Another fragrant flower in this list is the mint. It has a sweet fragrance and is edible. With its memorable flavor, people use mint to beers, teas, and most savory dishes. This plant is one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden as they are incredibly vigorous and thrive well even with less to no maintenance. It would be best to plant them where they can freely spread. Places like confined spaces or between areas would be great.


Coneflower is another type of flower that draws pollinators. They are also popular as they provide medicinal benefits. They grow up to five feet tall and have daisy-like flowers. The coneflower thrives well in poor soil and will result in poor flowering when planted in too heavily amended soil. Additionally, placing them in a location with total sunlight exposure will be an excellent choice.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas give off a lovely fragrance and attractive colors that attract a lot of attention. This plant has a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the type you want to cultivate. They are easy to care for. Make sure that the danger of freezing has passed before you start sowing. Also, it would be best to place them in locations where people usually hang out so they can enjoy the fragrance of sweet peas.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are popular indoor plants that are suitable for offices and rooms. When proper conditions are satisfied, they can be the easiest indoor plant to care for. The amount of sunlight exposure will determine how the peace lily will look like. When they are fully exposed to sunlight, they will produce lovely white spathes and flowers. Meanwhile, peace lilies in low light will bloom less and look like a traditional foliage plant.

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Columbine is another easy-to-grow plant on this list. They can reseed and grow well in any soil as long as they are kept well-drained and not too dry. Keep them away from full sunlight and place them under partial shade. Columbine is recognized for its fascinating color combinations of blue, red, white, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Also, you can plant them in either bare rooted or potted.


If you are short of space but still want to produce your crop, you can start your container garden with spinach plants. They are easy to tend and multiply. It will only take about 40 to 45 days before you can harvest them. Moreover, you can plant them in early spring in well-drained soil under the full sun. Only put fertilizer when necessary, especially if it is experiencing slow growth.


Radishes are probably the quickest producers out of all the listed plants. You can already start harvesting them in about three to four weeks in spring. Also, radishes are considered a companion plant to most plants as they are tolerant of interplanting. A companion plant is a plant that you can grow beside other plants. Just make sure that they get total sunlight exposure and are not shaded by other plants.


Keep in mind that you should not start planting just for the sake of it. Always make sure that you meet the conditions when you decide on what plant to grow. Do not stop halfway and be committed to what you started. In the end, harvesting your plant and watching them bloom is one of the most incredible feelings.

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