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Probably you looked at your neighbor’s yard last summer, and you couldn’t help but think, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” assuming that it is only green grass — and grass of good pedigree — that you wish to see carpeting your yard in emerald splendor, weed control is necessarily a part of any collection of tips for growing green lawns. The key to winning the war on weeds it to keep a nice healthy lawn in the first place. All these instructions on how to get a green lawn and other gardening advice depends on where in the world you live, what climate you have, temperature, sun, rain, snow and so forth.


If you have moss in your lawn, never use a machine to get rid of the moss because you actually risk more moss in your lawn the following year. Instead you can use a pesticide. There are environmentally friendly products to buy. And it is of cource possible to use some other water-soluble iron sulphate. When the moss is dead it moulders away by itself and is gone in a couple of weeks.


Fertilize – If you have moss it’s because your lawn haven’t receive adequate nutrition and therefore regular fertilizing is important. When the temperature is about 50 F (10 C) spread out a lawn fertilizer. There are fertilizer for all growing seasons and you can read how often and how much you should use on your lawn. It is often better to use a little more expensive product. You often don’t have to fertilize that often with a good product.

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Weeds – If you have weeds – There are products that takes care of deep-rooted weeds and at the same time fertilize the lawn. Also here you should be able to find environmentally friendly products in your country. Use the pesticide on your lawn when the temperature is steady over 60 F (15-16 C). The weeds will disappear after about a month and your lawn will get more green and free from the weeds. The treatment often should take place when the weeds are in good growth and the grass is dry and the soil moist. Talk to your garden store about products and how to use them correct.

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Weeds – Before And After

Once the weeds have died, after 4-5 weeks, you should mix grass seed and “lawn dress” (soil). Rake out the “soil-seed-mix” over your whole lawn. It will give your lawn even more nutrition and the grass will be even more green, thicker and stronger. You will see results after about 2 weeks. Don’t worry about the soil. Both the old and new grass will take over. Also here ask your garden store about these soil products. You can also use a vertical cutter before you spread out the grass seed and soil. Your lawn will love the extra air. If it is necessary make sure you water your lawn. A real “root soaking” (about 30 mm).



Once again spread out a lawn fertilizer. Water the lawn when necessary (about 30 mm). The lawn should be cut at least once a week during the growing season. Do not cut more than a third of the height at a time. The grass can be yellow or brown if you cut it to short right away.

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Always use a grass collector when you cut your lawn. Don’t leave the clippings on to provide more nutrients to the soil. If you leave all that clippings on your lawn the whole season it will only give you more problems like weeds the following year. Experts often say that the grass should be maintained when you cut your lawn because it fertilizes the lawn. Don’t listen to them. Much of the weeds disappear with regular mowing and where you collect the grass and weeds. Spreadings of weeds in your lawn is almost not possible if you use a collector and in this program we already use a lawn fertilizer product so we don’t need more.

Edge Your Lawn

In May – June, it’s also time to edge your lawn with a lawn edger or a shovel. It will improve the beauty of your lawn and garden. It’s well worth the time and effort. Edge your lawn as often as you want but about two times in the summer or under the growing season often is enough.



Use a moss product again/water-soluble iron sulphate on your lawn. This is if you have any new moss. You will also get some protection against fungal diseases. Give you lawn a “fall fertilizer”. (See products in your garden store). This will make your lawn stronger and will manage the winter much better.You should add lime about every two year to replace important calcium and magnesium washed away by heavy autimn and winter rain. Many types of lime can be used to correct this situation. You can use lime in spring or autumn. It is important that you properly rake your lawn in the fall. Try to have the lawn as clean as possible when the winter /snow comes.

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If you follow this program, you will be amazed what your lawn will look like in august/september and the next year.


Year Two – Maintain Your Lawn

Follow the same program again. But of course you can skip the moss and weed products if there are no moss or weeds in your lawn. Also you don’t have to mix grass seed and soil and rake it out on your lawn every year but it shure is recommended if you have the determination (and strength) to maintain your lawn green and beautiful.

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