Giving Your Garden Makeover

Giving Your Garden Makeover – Gardens need makeovers, too, for many reasons. These include changes in the soil conditions, change in seasons, change in lifestyle preferences and even just a change of mind! Whatever the reason, these top tips on giving a garden makeover will help you get the job complete to a high standard and in no time at all.

Plan before buying

Plants can be expensive and doubly so when they wither and die unexpectedly, in which case you would have to replace them. Therefore, it is always best to plan your garden according to your preferences such as; colors, seasonality and plant quality before purchasing from the nursery.

Even when you can ask from your family and friends for the plants themselves, you still will have to spend out on containers and fertilizers, not to mention investing your time. Therefore it is advised that you plan and research before planting and growing.


Use containers

Often, you only need to transfer existing garden plants to new containers to see them in a different light. Think fun, fashionable and fabulous containers to dress up an otherwise common-looking plant. You can think of this garden makeover activity as changing the look of an outfit with the right accessories.

You can also rearrange the plants in unusual designs, at least in terms of your previous preferences. For example, instead of the usual Shakespeare-themed garden, you can have a Japanese-themed garden makeover.

Speaking of accessories, the right statues, chairs and tables, ornaments, jars and even garden umbrellas can change an entire look and feel to a garden. Find inspiration from the houses architecture itself since you want to complement it with the gardens structure, not clash with it.

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Go for annuals and perennials

Although some gardeners will not mix the two plant types, when it comes to garden makeovers, you will be surprised at the difference it makes. You can fill your garden with perennials like lilies, daisies and black-eyed Susan’s and then add splashes of color with annuals like petunias and pansies.

Look into garden design books to find ideas on how to mix and match these plant types to suit your gardening tastes and skills. You will discover new trends as well as classic arrangements that ought to withstand the test of time, or at least until the next garden makeover comes along.


Create illusions

Gardens are meant to be fantasies come to life, so think of them as your own Garden of Eden that you can play with.

For example, create an illusion of a larger space with flower-adorned ornaments bordering a small flower patch, or an illusion of fairyland with twinkling lights in the trees. Your imagination is the only limit in your garden makeover.

Patronize local plants

When you want to save money on a garden makeover, one of the best ways to do so is to purchase from your local nursery. They ought to have more competitive prices and fresher stocks, which will be to your benefit.

Also, try to look for native plants. Not only will you be able to inject local touches into the garden but you will also be saving on cost because these plants are adapted to the environment. More adaptation, less care and less costs.

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