Green Walls In Your Garden

A green wall is basically a vertical garden bed. Green walls are a relatively new trend, that is not only space efficient but equally productive as traditional ground based gardens.

Green walls or vertical gardens are a great alternative for gardening in small backyards, and is an ideal solution to the general increase in higher density living. Many new developments now see green walls specified by building designers and architects as the walls can become an integral part of the house design, not only offering produce but also providing shade, privacy and natural cooling to the dwelling.

Different types of fruits and vegetables can be grown in these gardens. Vine growing fruits such as blackberries, raspberries and grapes can be grown quite easily. It is also used to grow various types of vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and peas. Various types of flowers, which include different types of jasmines, can also be grown in a vertical garden.

Various advantages of vertical garden

There are many advantages of owning the eco-gardens and some of the most important benefits include the following.

Efficient: This type of gardening is known to be quite efficient for a huge variety of purposes. As it hardly requires a large amount of space, it is considered to be one of the best options for your homes to grow any type of garden. Tower pots can be used to plant the seeds so that it grows in an upward direction. This involves less investment compared to the ordinary type of gardening.

Privacy: The eco-gardens can be used as a privacy screen or to cover any wall of a building. Creeping flower plants can be grown on the walls to enhance the beauty of the walls.

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Fewer pests: Compared to the horizontal gardens, the eco-gardens are seldom attacked by pests and rodents. There are fewer plant diseases as the plants are grown on the walls. It is easier to remove any type of pests that attacks these plants. Fruits and vegetables grown on the walls are cleaner and less vulnerable to damages.

Increased air circulation: As the plants are lifted above the ground, there is sufficient air circulation which reduces the chances of fungus attacks.

Easy to maintain: Vertical garden is easy to maintain as it requires less plant care and harvesting. The garden has small beds which curtails the tedious process of soil digging. In comparison to the horizontal garden, it is quite easy to gather the yields without much physical effort. It is also easy to water the plants as it grows in an upward direction.

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