Growing Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is an amazing plant which has many purposes in our life. It is used by perfumers to make jasmine oil. You can also enjoy its medical usage, but also see it as a decoration – dried or fresh. Well, I should not forget that you can dry the leaves and use add them to your tea. With so many benefits, you can’t skip this great plant.

If you want to plant jasmine successfully, your first job is to wait for the appropriate time. This will be between June and November. You can also do a quick research and see when is the best time for you to plant it. Regarding your climate zone, you will be able to pick the best jasmine specie. Make sure to consult with a local gardening specialist, if you are not sure how to find such information.

When you have picked the best fitting specie, make sure to choose a great spot for it. Jasmine prefers full sun, so take a warn and sunny planting site. The soil should be moist and with good drainage. Clear the area from all the weeds or bigger stones, which can interfere with your plants. Now dig large enough holes for a jasmine bush. Fill with manure and place the plant in it. Any additional jasmines should be set 8 ft from each other plant. Remember that it grow tall and you will need to provide it with space.


When it comes to watering, well, you can do that anytime you want. Make sure to use mild fertilizers on the soil in the planting site. However, skip this step during the winter, because your jasmine plant rests in this season. Anyway, you can also provide support for younger bushes and tie their stems to stakes or trellises. Without such support your plants will probably bend under the weight of the jasmine.

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Maintain your plant regularly and prune it effectively. Also make sure to pinch the tips of the jasmine and boost its growing process. Anyway, as most of the experienced gardeners suggest, you have to stop pruning after August the 1st. After this time of the season you plant may not flower, if you keep cutting it.


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