Growing Organic Rice In Your Garden

The most modern and convenient way for people now to enjoy fresh crops without worrying about chemical toxins in the body is organic gardening. Organic fruits and vegetables are becoming popular for vegetarians or people with green thumb. But then, it doesn’t stop there! Aside from eating a fresh and healthy salad, enjoying organic rice in your dining table is now possible!

Just like growing organic fruits and vegetables, the same gardening principle applies with organic rice. Using of synthetic or artificial fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited. Aside from that, soil fertility should be maintained. Lastly, the importance of natural alternatives in tending is valued.


Organic rice is proven to be much healthier than processed rice. It lessens the possibility of toxin poisoning in the body since chemicals through fertilizers and pesticides are avoided. Moreover, since it is processed the natural way, the nutrients present in the rice crops are not lessened. Above all, it helps reduce the chemical poisoning in the environment. Not only will you be healthy, you’ll save mother earth too!

Organic rice is very expensive in the market, thus, it’s really ideal to grow your own organic rice at home. Growing organic rice at your own garden is just as easy as growing organic vegetables and fruits.


You just have to follow the basics of organic gardening. The first step is to create your gardening plan. The plan should include what your garden will be. Since rice crops better grow in healthy soil, it’s best to have your garden in your backyard. Just start with a small garden for a first, then you can make it bigger as time passes.

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The next thing to do is to choose the type of rice seedlings you’ll have. It’s best to consider weather and environment factors. The rice seedlings should suit the area you are in, that way, they will surely flourish. Also, you have to choose the soil and make sure that it fosters a natural habitat for your organic rice crops. You also have to make sure you have the proper watering system for your rice crops that way they won’t die. By considering these factors, you will surely provide the correct nourishment and care that your rice crops need.


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