Harvesting Nuts

The group of nuts include walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts. The nuclei of these fruits are generally surrounded by a membrane which is need to be removed before storing. Chestnut is well known as delicious fruit which is real symbol of fall. Its pleasant aroma fills your garden. Used to eat baked, boiled or as an ingredient in cakes. Edible Chesnuts baked for 30 minutes and peeled. Chestnuts are harvested in the fall, and the fruits are removed from the prickly shell.

Before storing chestnuts need to put into the water and leave for 2 days. If chestnut fade to black, it should be removed, and the rest needs to dry and store in a dry place.


Walnut, hazelnut and almond are also harvested in the fall and they are often used to prepare cakes. Walnut is easily harvested in the fall when the fruits in the green peel fall from the tree, become brown and burst. Then you only need to remove the fruit, dry them and store. Walnuts are perishable; once the shell is cracked, they should be eaten immediately or the oils go rancid. Uncracked walnuts can keep for up to 2 years if stored in a cool, dry place. Cracked walnuts should be kept in an air-tight container or in the freezer.

Unlike all these fruits, you don’t pick the hazelnuts off the tree. Instead, you wait until the nuts fall from the tree, then you pick them up off the ground. When the nuts are falling, it is quite a quick job to pick them up.

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Harvest almonds once the hulls open completely. Make sure that the almonds are ready by inspecting hulls from every side of the tree. Prepare the ground for harvest by sweeping away debris. Make sure the ground is dry. Shake the tree gently or thrash the branches to remove the almonds.


Many professional harvesters use a machine to do this, but it is just as efficient to remove the almonds by shaking or thrashing. Harvest when the weather is forecast to be sunny and dry. Remove as many of the almonds from the tree as possible. Once the almonds have dropped, leave them on the ground to dry.
Mainly, the almond harvesting process is highly mechanised, involving specialised equipment that shakes the almond trees to remove the nuts and trucks that collect and then transport the nuts:

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