Have A Nice Lawn All Year Long

The best looking lawns and landscapes are the ones cared for in every season. Many homeowners feel like spring and summer are the only times to get out in the yard and care for their trees and flowerbeds. However, you may be surprised to know there are several things you can do all year long to have a nice lawn.

When the leaves begin to fall and the need to cut the grass lessens, the time for winter preparation is at hand. Clearing vegetable gardens and raking soil clean is the first step in having a good season the following year. Fall is the time to plant bulbs like irises and other spring bloomers.

The best time to take care of weeds in the fall is while you are raking leaves. Many weeds are exposed this way in your lawn. Putting fresh mulch on flower beds is helpful to increase soil warmth in preparation for colder months. Learn more about the best kinds of mulch ingredients for your needs.

Organizing your garden tools and cleaning them up to store for the winter is best to prevent them rusting. Once spring arrives, you will have several tasks to take care of. Making sure your gardening shed is organized is helpful and means you will not have to worry about it when spring arrives.

Winter is a good time for planning your lawn designs. You have more time to research and learn about the plants you can start in spring. You can also use the time you have in winter to learn more about the landscaping professional you might contact spring arrives as well. Take the time to explore the lawn professionals in your area and learn which ones you can count when spring arrives.

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Some aspects of lawn care are better left to professionals when you are unsure about them. This is especially true about using fertilizers and pesticides. Some of these chemicals can be hazardous when used improperly. If you worry about using them, be sure to call an expert for doing so.

The feeling you get in the late spring when you stand back and admire your lawn is great. The beautiful lawn starts with you applying the right landscaping techniques and designs all year long.

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