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Country living gardening can be as simple as a tulip out your front window, or as complex as water lilies in an aerated water garden pond. Knowing how to get from there to way over there isn’t always as easy as the beautiful country living garden pictures in magazines portray. Great country living gardening takes hard work, patience, and determination.

If you’re a beginning gardener, in your garden you may want to start with planting flower bulbs first. Tulips, especially, are an easy first try and will bring you long lasting blooms year after year – an excellent reminder of your successful gardening beginnings.

Do you imagine some country living garden for those bare spots around the porch, or that shady area near the house you just don’t know what to do with? Perennial groundcovers always have you covered! They’re great for those hard to cover areas, shady spots, walkways, driveways, “any” ways! Perennial plants in country living garden can also be a great cascade of color during a long, cold winter.

Country living gardening with healthy, hearty vegetables is always a gardening must! Pay particular attention to depth and length, and best times to harvest when planting vegetables.

If you choose to bring country living gardening right into your living and dining areas, correctly potting and watering your indoor house plants will make the biggest difference in how well they thrive.

Shrub bushes and garden tree plants are country living gardening at its best providing added privacy and increased value to your land. Pruning bushes and training younger trees will greatly add to their beauty.

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If your idea of country living gardening is much closer to that beautiful picture of the tumbling garden water pond, be sure to add components, such as, sterilizers and filtration systems during installation for healthy aeration especially if adding fish to your garden water pond.







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