How To Add Value To Your Home

Keeping on top of making upgrades to your home means you can increase its value and add all-important curb appeal if you decide to sell. Updating as you go allows you to address any structural issues and means you can make improvements without spending a lump sum of cash in one go. There are a few ways that you can add value to your property, from larger projects like extensions or conversions to finer details like painting and cleaning. Read on to find out more about how you can increase the value of your home.


When it comes to adding value, building an extension can do just that. If you’re short on space, an extension can introduce a new element to your home, whether that’s increased living space with more room for socialising in the kitchen, a home office so you can get your work done effectively, or a new bedroom. There are a few different types of extensions to choose from, like single-storey extensions so there is something to suit all homes – for example, you could choose a rear extension if you have extra space to the back of your home, or a side return extension if you have an unused alleyway.

There are a few factors to think about if you’re planning to extend, and you should start by having a simple floorplan drawn up to bring your ideas to life. You could also think about combining rooms, for larger and open plan designs, as well as creating multi-functional spaces.

Structural issues 

If the structural elements of your home are not up to standard, when it comes to selling, you will struggle. Structural elements such as dampness, cracks in walls, rotten timbers and beams, or a bowing wall can all cause issues, so before you start making any changes aesthetically, these issues must be fixed. Making sure you’re on top of any structural damage means that you can not only add value to your home but make sure it is safe and secure too. You could call a builder, or structural engineer to advise you.

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New windows

Double glazing is a sought-after feature that many homeowners look for when buying a house, this is because of the list of advantages that these windows can bring to a home, such as increased warmth and insulation, as well as security and soundproofing. You must be aware that if you live in a period property, your windows must be suitable – you can decrease the value of a property by installing windows that don’t suit the style! You could choose timber-framed windows or uPVC windows for added curb appeal.

Kitchen and bathroom makeovers 

Two of the most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathroom, and they can also make or break the value of the property. Modern, clean kitchens that are designed with social gatherings and functionality in mind are essential for home buyers, and surveyors alike. You can design a new kitchen in line with the budget you have – if you’re looking for a complete overhaul, you could make structural changes, as well as add new storage, countertops, and windows. Or, if you’re looking to make more modest changes, you could simply change worktops or add new tiles or lighting.

Your bathroom should look clean and hygienic – your buyer will be looking for a functional yet stylish bathroom, that they can relax and unwind in. There are a few important factors to think about when deciding to upgrade your bathroom such as making sure everything looks pristine – if some elements like tiles or paint are starting to look worn, you may have to replace them. Bathrooms with a lot of light are always attractive, you could add a mirror to bounce natural light around the room. A shower is a must for most buyers, so think about installing one if you haven’t already.

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Curb appeal

A lot of us decide on a house just by how it looks externally, which is why curb appeal is vital when trying to add value. You may need to seek permission if you’re looking to update the outside of your property so consider this before you begin. Adding an extension will be visible from the outside, so this will increase curb appeal anyway, but when it comes to giving your property a makeover, you could try repointing any old, tired-looking brickwork, repainting walls, replacing old doors, or you could add more elegant finishing touches, like a number for the door or a new name for the property.

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