How To Be A Successful Urban Gardener?

If you live in a big city, it does not mean that you do not need to have a beautiful urban garden. It is always nice if you can have a special place where you can just appreciate the scene and enjoy the fresh scent of plants and flowers. Gardens are definitely great. These days, more and more people are having their own gardens, even those who are situated in very urban areas.

Do you live in a big urban city? Do you want to be a successful urban gardener? Here are some tips on having your own urban garden:

Secure a good place

First, you would need a good site to have your garden. This can be any site within your property. Thus, it would be very advantageous if you have a huge lot. Also, your garden would be able to contribute to the beauty of your home and passers-by would be able to enjoy it. But if you have limited space, you can always consider having your small garden on the roof. Roof gardens are very popular in urban cities. You can even consider having your small garden in your balcony.


Make sure your plants get enough light

If you live in the big city, looking for a space that gets enough amount of sunlight can be a little bit difficult. This is because there can be so many towering buildings around your property and they can be blocking the sun from your plants or flowers. So when choosing a good place to have your garden, make sure it gets enough amount of sunlight. If a site that gets a huge amount of sunlight is nowhere to be found, you can always consider planting flowers that do not need enough sunlight.

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Protecting your plants from air pollution

Air pollution is a very common problem for gardeners in the big city. That is why there are a lot of gardeners who consider putting their plants in greenhouses. There are a lot of small greenhouses out there in the market that you can situate within your property or, as mentioned earlier, on your flat roof. Greenhouses not only protect the plants from air pollution but they also create a good environment for your plants to grow in.


Decorating your space

Decorating your garden properly is important. If you have a garden of potted plants and flowers, you should make sure your pots are arranged properly and not just randomly. Better yet, select good pots for your plants. There are a lot of beautifully-designed pots out there that you can get from bazaars, trade fairs, and even from online stores for very low rates. You can also decorate your garden space with a number of decorative items such as small stone sculptures, decorative stones, or even gnomes.

These are just some tips to consider if you plan to have your own garden in an urban area. When taking care of your plants, basic gardening principles still apply. These include watering your plants with the right amounts, letting them get nutrition from good soil, as well as other important principles.



1 thought on “How To Be A Successful Urban Gardener?”

  1. Urban gardening is the greatest thing to do!
    However, if you think about starting a garden in the city, you have to make sure to read up on growing plants in containers, because there is really no other option to choose.
    If you manage to do it right, you can be the jewel of your neighbourhood, if it’s on the roof, you’ll even see it from google maps! 🙂

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