How To Choose Your Pond Color?

How To Choose Your Pond Color? The colors you choose for several things, the clothes you wear, the walls of your house and even the armor color you select for your pond can speak volumes regarding your character. Competition blue is the most popular color amongst pond owners and there is a justified reason for it. Blue has a soothing influence on people as seeing it secretes soothing chemicals in the brain. You can expect that this is the exact reason a beach or an island has a relaxing influence on us. Many claim blue as their favorite color.

Blue is also the color of the sky and thus it serves as a natural choice for the color of a pool or a pond. Even on cloudy days these small bodies of water will appear clear and blue. For koi pond owners, the blue backdrop of the pond makes the beautiful oranges, pinks and reds of the fish stand out against the backdrop.


A water feature made of natural stone would blend significantly better with tan armor paint. If the stones are grayer or the water fall is made of cement, then gray would do the same for these structures. So both gray and tan armor paints are suitable to boost the appeal of a natural water feature that you want to put in your pond.

If you have a pond that is set amongst thick foliage and a lot of trees, then green would be the ideally suited color for your pond. This shade of armor pond paint allows the same serene blending into the atmosphere as the earlier mentioned colors for the more woodsy pond landscape. And then there is pure white pond armor that gives the pond an ethereal appearance and cools down everything around it even on the hottest of days. You have the choice for selecting black also. Black was once the only color found in pond liners.

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Why don’t you try customized colors?

There is no reason to think you need to choose the most popular color options of armor pond paint. You can also order a custom color paint for your pond according to your choice. There is a minimum quantity to order and it takes fourteen days for a business to deliver customer colors.


Actually, the sizzling color of the day is red – red for walls, red for cars, red for home decor accents and furniture in every room in the home. So why don’t you consider getting red color for your lovely koi pond and making it more lovely? Red stirs us up, but no one has noted koi going berserk in a red setting. On red background, koi of golden, white and yellow color would certainly looking gorgeous. What do you get from such a gorgeous combination of red, golden and white? Wealth and royalty.


A koi pond will definitely set your home apart in your area and it will also increase the value of your property. If you choose to sell your property in the future and the new owner doesn’t like your pond color then he can conveniently change the pond armor without any hassle.





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