How To Create A Garden Masterpiece?

Creating a sleight of hand in your garden takes time and hard work. A discerning gardener wants nothing less than a garden masterpiece, a bowling green lawn, beautiful colours, and flowers, and he/she will want to weave their own special magic into their own garden space.

A beautiful garden gives peace, pleasure, and stimulates us into a state of well-being. There of course are many kinds of gardens, and garden plants are planted in all sorts of places, the most common being obviously the garden that surrounds your house.

Anyone can make a garden anywhere – in a window box, indoor garden, kitchen garden, and of course becoming more and more popular is container plants, these containers can be placed in strategic places around your garden and depending on the container gives interest.

Your garden masterpiece can start with bulbs, for spring blooming, or can start with garden seeds, scattered around randomly to give that ‘wild’ feel to a bed, or the seeds can be planted in trays, and planted out when good and ready in a more organised display.


Plants come in all shapes and sizes to produce flowers, herbs, fruit or vegetables, and in May to June there are many bedding plants set out in garden centres and nurseries to pick and choose from. Some gardeners will choose different colours and species, while others will choose one type of plant and maybe even one colour to give a display on block.

Late summer is an easy season in your garden simply because so many of your plug plants have grown into tall beautiful specimens, and are looking their best, and displaying wonderful colours and fragrances.

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Your garden shrubs may need some attention by pruning down to the shoot below the flower promotes more profuse growth, also very often a stronger stem and flower. Dead heading is vital in the growing period the plants will benefit from a regular dead-heading and this of course will encourage new growth. Some gardeners will pick the flower heads and dry out to make pretty everlasting arrangements.


Late summer is the time to order spring flowering garden bulbs, for autumn planting, and after the long days of summer are coming to an end autumn is the ideal time to plant perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.

The perennial plant is a gardener’s delight, they have a life span of more than just one year, and deserve their popularity, and these plants are suitable for every garden, they fit nicely into any bed inter-planted with shrubs, annuals, and even have been known to be planted in amongst the vegetables.


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