How to Hide Home Solar Panels

Are you thinking about installing residential solar panels? Afraid that the solar panels you install will be an eyesore?

While the cost of solar panels has dropped by almost 70% since 2014, some homeowners are still hesitant to install them. One of the reasons for this is that they feel like they’re too visible and don’t like how the solar panels look.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Here’s how to hide solar panels successfully.

Install a Less Visible Solar System

If you want to keep residential solar panels hidden, you should consider your installation options carefully from the very beginning. There are many different types of solar systems and panels that you can install and not all of them have a lot of visibility.

Some types of concealed solar panels, such as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), are made to look like part of your home and can be incorporated into awnings, roofs, and windows. Some solar panels will look exactly like shingles and will be hard for anyone passing by to notice.

Be sure that you talk to a solar installer and find out what the different types of installation options are. You may want to learn more about Blue Raven Solar panels if you want to install a residential solar system.

Rethink a Roof Installation

While adding solar panels to a home’s roof is a popular choice, there are other ways to install solar panels as well.

A ground-mounted solar system can be less conspicuous and can be a good option to consider if you want your panels to stay hidden. You may want to consider choosing a non-roof location to install solar panels if you want to keep your home’s roof looking great.

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Change Your Landscaping

Changing your landscaping can make it easy to hide solar panels.

Placing some bushes, trees, and plants around your solar panels can help you to cover them up and can make them less visible to people who are looking at your home. You can also work to cover up the wiring that leads to your home by using mulch or other types of landscaping.

Paint The Solar Panels

Another way that you can reduce solar panel visibility is to choose the colors wisely. Getting black frames and hardware can make your solar panels seem less obvious to people looking at your house.

You can paint your solar panels any color that you want and this can help to protect them from dirt and dust as well. However, if you paint over your solar panels, make sure to avoid electrical connections and wires.

Using These Tips to Successfully Hide Solar Panels

If you want to hide solar panels, there are more options for doing so than you might have expected.

It’s best to plan an incognito solar panel installation from the very beginning. However, if you already have solar panels, you may want to consider painting them or adding some additional landscaping to keep them hidden.

Searching for more tips for your solar power installation? Start reading over our blog now to discover more useful guides.

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