How To Increase Your Harvest?

How to increase your harvest? It is essential that you have an appropriate garden plan with you and you plan ahead before you start the process of gardening. You should ideally find the following yield increasing strategy useful:

1. Grow high value crops – The word ‘value’ is subjective from one individual to another. It differs from one person to the next. It makes sense to grow and invest in crops that are climate friendly and are well suited to the climate. It also matters if you are going to use the plant products (like herbs) for your own use.


2. Start early and finish late – Use cold frames, tunnels and other season increasing devices to increase your season by a month more. You can also make use of row covers to protect fall crops from the frost or any animals.

3. Grow the seasonal fruits – You should always give priorities to seasonal fruits like June bearing strawberries and raspberries. One of the best advantages of having seasonal crops is that they would require minimum of maintenance and care.


4. Find out what grows best for you – Understand your soil type; and the climate that you live in. Try growing those crops first which will be easier to grow for you in the available conditions. Continue repeatedly growing the same fruits and vegetables that grow nicely for you. You can take more advices from a plant specialist.

5. Try growing good things to drink – Apart from what you grow in crops that can be eaten, try growing some lovely beverages. Get appropriate gardening advice and work accordingly. You will get a great ideas to make lovely beverages and it is well known how valuable they are for everyone. So why not have it in your own garden?

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6. Plant perennials – Some crops that return back year after year in their respective planting time and maintenance is a very practical tip to have a great garden. This will make the soil be prepared, because of the reason that all plants and their roots take in various different nutrients from the soil. Therefore, in a year’s time, the soil can replenish itself.

7. Select crops with better productivity – Some crops are a disappointment when it comes to productivity. It is simply not in their nature (in this sense, genes) to produce the crops in huge amounts. Do not let this occur to you! With the ideal advice on plant development, you can overcome this trouble, too. Let the scientists and the expert’s together figure out a solution and let them help you in getting the right type of crop for your garden.


8. Incorporate important kitchen herbs – Having good kitchen herbs in your garden will be very much beneficial for you. This way you will not have to spend extra amount for the herbs and its use.

9. Never invest too much one any one particular thing – It is a very bad practice to follow. You should have the habit of trying new crops every season. This will also give your soil some new space and nutrients to re-grow and develop. Also, not to mention the variety you will have in the end of the season of crops and fruits and vegetables.


10. Use garden space effectively. This is one of the most neglected but quite effective things that have proven it to be helpful in increasing the productivity to a greater extent. You should consult the experts and take appropriate advices. They can guide you in what best possible ways you can use your available space for the purpose of gardening.

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11. Plant in blocks – According to a research the technique of block planting has been proved to be very beneficial by spacing the plants tight and eliminating the extra pathways.

12. Vertical gardening is the key – Vertical gardening contributes a great way to your garden returns.

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