How To Protect Tulip Bulbs From Rodents

Gardeners must plant the bulbs in the fall and wait all winter before the plants and blooms emerge. It can be disappointing to wait months only to have a rodent deny you the payoff. Fortunately, gardeners have developed several methods to thwart rodents in their bid to destroy or carry off your tulips.
Crocus and tulip bulbs are favored food for rodents, but a few easy steps will protect bulbs for your enjoyment. To guard against burrowing invasion, select an appropriately sized pot and bury it in your garden. For most plantings, a 5-gallon pot is large enough. Place the rim flush with the ground.
What you need: Large plastic pot, Shovel, Hardware cloth.

Add some soil to the pot, and plant your bulbs normally.

Backfill soil around the pot, until only the top of the rim is visible.

Once you have finished backfilling the soil into the pot, cover it with 1″ metal hardware cloth to keep rodents from digging up the bulbs. Secure the wire in place with bricks or rocks. Uncover the bulbs before they emerge in spring, or they may be damaged.

protecting bulbs

protecting bulbs1

protect bulb

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