How To Use Rain Barrels For Your Garden

Although all plants need water, have you to consider conserving our tap water and use rain water instead for your garden? Imagine how much water goes down to the sewage every time we water our plants. Why not use rain water when they do the same benefits for your plants?

Aside from fertilizers and any other stuff that makes plants thrive, water is the most vital of all. Plants should be watered thoroughly everyday in order to be healthy and stay luscious at all times. This is why you need rain water. You will find out in this article the importance and the benefits you can get from rain water and from using it for your garden’s water needs.

Basically, the most common way on getting rain water is by using a rain barrel that is connected to the down spout of your house. It is convenient if you set it up on a spot where you can access all of your plants whenever you need to water them. There are different types of barrels or water tanks available in the market  that will suit your needs. Choose something that will accommodate the amount of water your garden will need. They come in all sizes and designs that will complement well with your garden. These are also created to be sturdy and last for a long time. They can be made out of molded plastic, wood, and even stainless drums that will suit your preference.


Plants need to be watered for a certain period of time in order to reach its roots to make it stronger by digging down. Because of that, you will need a good amount of water to do that on your garden. A sufficient amount of rain water you get in your rain barrel will help you a lot in saving for the water bill. You may think that you are not using too much water; however it won’t hurt if you can have spare cash from saving on the water bill.

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Aside from being cost efficient, rainwater is beneficial to your plants as it is already filtered and is free from any harsh chemicals or any minerals that are not good for your plants. You can also water your plants without having any worries of being restricted by your municipality. There are restrictions in most municipalities as to how much and when you can water your garden. Not only will you save for your water bill, you can also help lessen the demand for water and by that you can help save municipal cost and resources.

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So if you want to have a stock of rain water for your garden, plan on what rain barrel you need and choose something that will best highlight the beauty of your garden. Not only will you make a beautiful garden but you will also help save Mother Nature’s resources and preserve its beauty at the same time. Always remember that rain water is free, so make a good use out of it!

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