Improve Your Garden Privacy With Fencing

Fencing can improve your garden privacy and keep good neighborly relationships at the same time. Privacy is a big issue these days with social media making us more open every day, but we still want to maintain our privacy at home. While there is no guarantee that this is so, proper fencing can help improve your home privacy, security, and provide a pleasant living environment.

1. Cut off the cut through. Sometimes, especially in neighborhoods without fenced in yards, people can walk freely cutting through property lines rather than sticking to sidewalks or roadways. By fencing in your yard this makes it less accessible for those wandering by.

2. Create a buffer zone. Establishing the boundaries of your yard can also have the advantage of keeping people at a more comfortable distance from your windows, especially as many bedroom windows tend to be at the back of houses.

3. Build a bigger playpen. As children get older they need more room to play. Good fencing can provide a clearly marked safe place for your children to play without worry of them wandering off or being intruded upon by strangers.

4. Block the gawkers. Installing privacy fencing specifically designed to prevent others from viewing your activities is the best way to improve your privacy. This allows you to sunbath or to enjoy a private family BBQ in your back yard without worrying about the neighbors staring.

5. Muffle the chatter. Fencing may not be completely sound proof, but it can diminish the volume of power tools and loud neighbors, allowing you to relax outdoors without ear plugs.

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6. Secure the perimeter. Fencing also adds an element of security. Because of the design of most privacy fencing it is difficult to scale, discouraging trespassing by those with more sinister intentions.

7. Protect the family pets. Keeping family pets safe and happy is easier with fencing. This allows your pet to roam freely within the confines of your yard, while also keeping out stray animals.

8. Improve the aesthetics. Privacy fences whether they are made of wood or vinyl look nice, especially when they are constructed to complement the architecture of your home. A good looking property tends to keep the neighbors happy with the perceived enhanced value it can bring to the neighborhood.

9. Ensure private pool use. For homeowners with pools, fencing is legally required to keep out uninvited guests and reduce the risk of accidental drowning.

10. Be a good neighbor. By clearly marking property lines with fencing it makes it easier to keep your yard in check. It may seem silly, but if you are the kind of person who is fastidious about keeping your lawn clear of leaves fencing can keep stray leaves from blowing in from the neighbor’s yard and there by keeping you happy. No need for unpleasant confrontations with a good fence.

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