Indian Strawberry

Indian strawberry (Dulcesnea indica, Mock strawberry) has been a rapid increase in the popularity of hanging plants in recent years. Some excellent trailers, however, still remain rarities and the Indian strawberry is a good example. It is vigorous and easy to care for.

Indian strawberry is a fast-spreading evergreen groundcover for shady areas or sunny, moist sites. It has bright green, trifoliate leaves. In summer the flowers appear and these are followed by small strawberry-like fruits. These are edible, but unfortunately they are completely tasteless.

indian strawberry

Indian strawberry bears trailing runners and bright yellow flowers in summer. Blooming period is from early summer till early fall. It will not flower if it is kept in a semi-shady spot. Place outdoors occasionally in summer. It is extremely useful under trees with little traffic.

Secret of success

Temperature: Cool or average warmth – keep cool but frost-free in winter.

Light: Bright light, not on direct sun.

Water: Keep compost moist. Water sparingly in winter.

Repotting: Repot in spring every year.

Propagation: Divide plants at repotting time. Layer runners in spring.

duchesnea indica

duchesnea indica1


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