Indoor Hanging Baskets

Indoor Hanging Baskets – A group of attractive indoor plants in a hanging basket will indeed provide a beautiful display, but do not rush into hanging a container from a hook in the ceiling or a bracket on the wall until  you have carefully studied the difficulties. 

The air will be warmer and drier than at floor or windowsill level. The height of the display usually makes watering difficult, and  when water is applied too liberally the basket may drip on to the  floor. 


You must choose a container which is suitable for indoors. The standard wire basket lined with sphagnum moss is ideal for outdoors, but in the home you will have the problem of water  dripping on to the floor. You can line the basket with polythene sheeting, but waterlogging may then be a problem. The best  answer is to put the pots of indoor plants in a large waterproof container  which bears the holding wires, chains or cords. The space  between the pots and the hanging container should be filled with  moist peat. A variation is a plastic hanging pot with a built-in drip  tray. Always use a peat-based potting compost rather than a soil  one – excess weight can be a problem. 

To make watering and misting an easier task place the display at  eye level or if you must suspend it over head-high then have a  pulley arrangement instead of an ordinary hook. You can buy a  pump action watering can if the display cannot be lowered. Ensure that the hook is securely fixed to a ceiling joist or the bracket is firmly attached to the wall, and finally make sure that your choice of plants is suited to the light available – flowering plants and variegated foliage house plants will need a spot near a window.

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Good indoor hanging basket plants are: asparagus, begonia, hoya, fern, episcia, hedera, zebrina, tradescantia, chlorophytum and lobelia








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