It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant!

It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant –  Sparaxis plants are hardy bulbs that are usually grown as annuals. Some common names for Sparaxis plants include Harlequin Flower and Wandflower. They have lance shaped leaves and carry trumpet shaped flowers on spikes; the Sparaxis flowers may be of pink, purple, red, orange or white.

Plant Harlequin Flower bulbs in late summer to early fall 1 to 2 inches deep and spaced 4 inches apart in a sunny location with sandy, fertile soil.


These plants are not drought tolerant, so keep soil moist until foliage dies back after flowering and the bulbs go dormant. Apply fertilizer only if your site has poor soil conditions (top dress with a complete fertilizer in the fall). Harlequin flowers are generally very easy to care for and will produce flowers for years if left alone.

If you want to grow bulbs which can be planted in the rockery or front of the border and then left to look after themselves, then Sparaxis is not for you. In the colder areas, this colorful plant must be grown indoors – in milder regions it can be grown outdoors in a sheltered, south-facing site. Even then you will have to follow an unusual routine – the corms are lifted in midsummer when the foliage has died down and kept dry until replanted in November.



Sparaxis hybrida is bought as a mixed selection – white, yellow, orange, red, purple or pink blooms are borne on wiry stems. Some flowers may be plain – others extremely colorful with yellow throats and black collars.

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Site and soil

Well-drained soil and full sun are essential.


Sparaxis plant details

Planting time is November. Planting depth is 3 in, spacing 4 in and height 1 ft. Flowering period is May-June.


Remove cormlets when plants are lifted in summer. Replant in November.

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