Landscaping Choices With Gravel And Grass

Landscaping Choices With Gravel And Grass – When creating a new look for your home, it is important to get your outside space right. This can make a big difference to the property’s curb appeal and can change the experience of living there. But should you use grass to create a traditional lawn, or should you use gravel for a more contemporary look? Which is likely to create the most favorable visual effect? Which is most sensible?

Generally, this depends on where you live. In a dry climate, a lawn can require a lot of irrigation to keep it looking good, putting a strain on local resources. However, you can mitigate this to an extent by choosing the right type of grass. In areas that suffer from tornadoes and high winds, gravel can be a bad idea as wind can blow it around, possibly damaging your house or car. The smart thing is to make the right choice for your particular situation.

Keeping Up Your Yard

Whatever substrate you choose, you will have to look after it to keep it looking nice. It is not true that gravel is maintenance free. Larger sized gravels tend to last longer than finer gravels as tires or boots can carry small grains away, but they’ll still need to be added to from time to time. You will also have to rake dispersed gravel back into place from occasionally.

Many people erroneously believe that if they choose stone they will not have to worry about weeds. Actually, weeds can and do thrive in a bed of gravel. If you have gravel, you can not turn to the lawn mower to help you with weed control either. Weeds will have to be dug out or killed with chemicals. One way to at least diminish the weeds is to situate a weed cloth under the gravel. This prevents weeds from growing and dissipates water better than a plastic cover. If you do have weeds come up, persist in treating the problem spot for awhile to make certain that more weeds do not appear.

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What do You Use Your Yard For?

Take some time to reflect on how your yard is going to be used. Pets and children like grass better. Kids can get hurt on gravel, and can not play as well in a gravel area. People walking across a yard continually can damage it though, so if you want something that can hold up to foot traffic, gravel is the best selection. The other nice thing about gravel is how well it holds up to rain or dryness as well. You will not have to worry about mud or dust. Extra parking areas can also be created using gravel.

Think about the look of your home and neighborhood as well. What is the best option for your area? What will look most favorable in regards to your home and the homes around it? Once you have the gravel or grass put in, it will be hard to change, so make sure you are clear that you know what you want.

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