Landscaping With Washed Stone, Sand And Gravel

Many products are available in the landscaping industry, but washed natural round stone is one of the most versatile and inexpensive materials on the market. Washed stone is an assortment of fractured and round stones that transports you to a natural, authentic setting without ever leaving your yard. The variation in colors adds contrast and elegance to your home.

Use them for walkways, edging, patios, and gardens along with about anything your imagination can create. Washed stone is popular in the construction of backyard waterfalls. Choose washed natural round stone by color, shape and size to fit your existing décor. Natural stones are relatively inexpensive, yet they are durable and low maintenance adding a rustic down home look to your property.

Uses for washed stone, sand and gravel

Washed stone and gravel materials are excellent products to use in landscaping. These materials are inexpensive, plentiful and readily available. The best plants to anchor in sand or gravel are succulent plants. You can make a desert garden or turn the entire yard into a unique creation.

Some people use large plants in the middle creating a circular design, while others plant larger plants in the back tapering down on size as they work from back to front. Use driftwood and statues for a personal touch. Construct a rustic pathway using gravel of your choice and then tamp sand down around them. Once a desert garden or yard is finished, it is a timeless treasure requiring little upkeep. Japanese gardens also depend heavily on sand and gravel.

Benefits of using washed stone, gravel and sand

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Beauty, durability, and cost are reason enough to use washed natural round stone, or washed sand and gravel materials, but there are also other reasons. Natural rock products are permeable, suppress weeds and conserve on moisture in the soil. The materials require no maintenance that uses gas or electric tools, so they are an eco and energy friendly product. Reproduce any stone formation you find attractive in nature in your own backyard by using natural rock materials. If you prefer to keep your quick and easy creations, the same they will last for years.

However, if you are one that prefers constant change, redesign your yard frequently at no additional cost. Regardless of your personal choice, using the timeless materials adds warmth and texture to your surroundings.

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