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Is living in the city hindering your desire and passion for gardening? Is your limited space making you hesitant on putting up your own garden? If so, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can still make your small urban garden by following these simple guidelines on how to make your successful garden in the city.

If you are living in a small place with a limited space for a garden, the best thing to do is to use pots. Whether they may be commercially bought or customized pots don’t really matter as long as they can serve the purpose of their use. Basically, planting on the ground is the same as planting on pots. You need to have a good soil with adequate nutrients that the types of plants will need. This is needed for the good growth of your garden plants.

There are different types of pots to choose from, you can use either the plastic or the clay pots. This actually depends on your choice as they have almost the same benefits. You can use pots for your garden depending on what design or theme you intend to have for your garden.

Another thing to consider when you are gardening in the city is the accessibility of water in your place. Can you put a hose near to your garden? Perhaps your place happens to be at the rooftop of a building, does it have a water system up there so you can water your plants? Carrying cans to water your garden can wear you down as they are heavy and they leave a messy track at the same time due to water spilling.

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Consider a place where there is also sunlight for your plants to grow properly. Avoid too much direct sunlight as this will not be good also to your plants. You can use a net on top of your garden to avoid having direct sunlight on your plants.

Although most urban gardens are small in size, this should not limit your imagination in designing it to be as grand as the typical gardens with a large area. The same principles apply with a small garden and the conventional garden. However, make sure that your municipality allows you to have a garden in your small place. You should also pay attention to the safety of using pots especially if you’re living on a second floor or higher place where pots might fall down on people.

The good thing about gardening with a small area is that you can pay close attention to details and almost all of your plants. You will also have minimal maintenance on your garden as it is not a big area. You will also have plenty of time to concentrate on your plants as your time will not be consumed by watering the whole garden and inspecting all of your plants as you’ll only have a few number of plants to take care of. This guide will help you to garden anywhere and will teach you that you don’t need a huge space but only the passion for gardening.

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