Love Your Fields of Green: Turn Your Lawn Into a Lush Oasis

Did you know that there are over 620,000 landscaping businesses operating in the US? Many Americans make having a well-maintained and lush lawn their top priority.

Do you need lawn care tips for obtaining green healthy grass? Are you struggling to keep your lawn alive?

The following guide will explain how to turn your lackluster lawn into fields of green. Read on and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Have A Watering Schedule

It’s better to water your lawn thoroughly and less frequently rather than watering briefly each day. It gives soaks the grass and allows the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Deep roots strengthen lawns and resist drought.

It’s time to water when your grass looks slightly grey and the blades don’t spring back after you walk on them. Water your lawn until you can push a stake about one foot into the ground.

However, you don’t want the lawn to be overly saturated either. You’ve overwatered if you squeeze a handful of grass and it drips.

Keep in mind that you only need to water once per week in the spring and fall. In the summer you should expect to water your lawn about three times per week.

Feed Your Lawn

Many homeowners only fertilize their lawn once in the Spring. But for the best results, you should actually feed your lawn around 4 times each year.

Consider checking the soil’s pH levels before applying fertilizer. It will ensure that you add the right amount of nutrients and don’t harm your grass or other landscaping.

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Check for lawn fertilization options.

Eliminate Weeds And Pests

Controlling weeds helps keep lawns healthy and attractive. You can make organic weed killers using things like lemon juice, alcohol, and vinegar. Even simply using boiling water or salt helps slow weed growth.

Of course, tougher weeds that grow fast and large require stronger mixes from the store. Some lawns that get overrun even need professional care to weeds under control. Either way, weed removal is crucial for a healthy lawn.

Look for holes developing in your lawn because it probably means you have a pest problem. Moles, boles, birds, and wasps commonly dig holes in lawns.

Examine the size location of holes to find out what’s causing them. Act fast because these pests will slowly kill patches of your lawn over time.

Mow At The Right Height

Always set your mowing blade at the highest level for the type of grass you have. Cool-season grasses do best with 2½ to 3½ inches cuts. Some warm-season grasses tend to do better with a shorter cut.

When grass grows to its maximum height it promotes a deeper root system. It also shades the soil to help prevent weeds from growing. Never remove more than a third of grass height when mowing.

Ready For Fields Of Green?

Now you know a few simple tricks to turn your bland yard into fields of green. Remember, watering amounts, fertilizer, weed control, and proper mowing is key.

We hope our guide helps you get the lawn you’ve always wanted. Check out the rest of our site for more fantastic lawn and garden tips.

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