Low-Budget Unique Garden Decor

Low-Budget Unique Garden Decor – Decorating of any kind usually means spending money but if you want unique garden decor for less; all you need to do is look around your home for things that will make your garden look amazing. Reusing old containers in unusual ways is just one way to get a unique look in your garden.

Buying brand new gardening accessories is not always necessary to achieve unique garden decor in your home. Once you get creative about where you look for decorating touches and you will see that even on a tight budget you can make your garden look like paradise.

Have you ever thought of using toys as cheap garden decor? No? Well time to ransack your kids’ bedrooms for new ways to spruce up your garden. An old tricycle is a nice little touch to a garden, park it in some bushes for an unusual take lawn ornaments. You can hang plants from the handlebars, place a pot on the seat, or even grow creeping plants on the tricycle.

Use old toys or shoes as planting containers. They will add a colorful and unique touch to garden decor. Tires are another way to make your garden look unusual. Use the opportunity of clearing out junk to create unique garden decor. The inside of a tire is great for planting flowers, curtain poles can be painted and decorated with ribbons and place around the garden, old coffee tins can be the start of a container garden. The sky’s the limit really when it comes to turning junk into unique garden decor.

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Keep an eye out for garage and yard sales. You can often find great buy at yard sales. Benches can sometimes be expensive to buy new, so look out for a well worn bench at yard sales. You might even find very unusual garden ornaments and other lawn decor that you have never seen before. You can even find things at yard sales that are not meant to be garden decor but with a little paint, and some creativity can be transformed into unique garden decor.

Don’t be afraid to haggle when you are looking for bargains. Sometimes you will be surprised at home much you can knock off on a particular item. If you are buying more than one thing people are often more than happy to bargain with you. Look out at garden center sales as well; there are sometimes very good bargains. However the best place to start looking is your own home.

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