Natural Remedies Against Garden Pests

Sometimes it is not easy to take care of your garden. Not only are there weeds to pluck but you also will have to be aware of insects. These pests do not make one’s job easy and many are now shying away from chemical solutions that were once de rigueur. The first important thing to figure out is which bugs are pests and which are beneficial to your garden. Worms are beneficial, that is obvious, we all know that worms help to aerate the soil and provide waste to keep the soil healthy. Ants are a trickier insect to determine as beneficial or harmful to the garden.

However, some may be reluctant to go all organic as it usually involves more work on their side. But some of the more natural remedies for garden pests have proven to be cost effective and have probably been used before the advent of garden and plant chemicals. Here are some examples of natural remedies that you can use:

1. Coffee grounds and eggshells
Prepare a mixture of coffee grounds and eggshells and spread it around your plants. Acting as a general bug deterrent, it also provides nutrients for your soil – calcium from the eggshells and acidity from coffee grounds.


A great natural insecticide, it is best to use dishwashing detergent-based liquids. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of detergent to one gallon water in a sprayer. Shake well and apply to both the top and bottom surfaces of your plant’s leaves. You only need to re-apply once a week or after rain.

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3. Salt and beer
These are mainly reserved for slugs. If your garden is already infested with slugs, arm yourself with salt and sprinkle on them directly. If you are not brave enough or, in some other way are unable to go to the slugs directly, leave a bowl of beer nearby the infestation. The slugs will crawl to the bowl themselves and die when they fall into it.

4. Baking soda
Not limited to the oven, baking soda can be mixed with water to ease fungal diseases in plants. Simply mix two tablespoons with a quart of water and pour the mixture into a sprayer. Spray the affected areas in your garden of plants every few days until the process ceases.


5. Cucumbers
While many women around the world are slicing up the vegetable as eye masks, it can also be used as a natural pest control. It can repel ants, wasps, moths, flies and more. Simply place cucumber peels at strategic areas in your garden.

6. Vinegar
A natural herbicide, all you have to do is pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray away. It can repel and kill most weeds such as the Canadian thistle. However, please remember that most vinegar is diluted so be sure to check the level of concentration when you buy them at the supermarket. At the same time, remember that expensive vinegar does not equate to better herbicide.

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