Organic Fruit And Vegetable Gardens

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardens – Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet, but you may not fully realize how important your choice of produce is. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any fruit or vegetable up off of grocery store shelves and enjoy the same nutrients and health properties that you will with a home grown option.

The environment that the produce is grown in has a huge impact on the final health properties of the food product. Most commercially grown fruits and vegetables are raised using lots of chemicals from fertilizer to pesticides. They are often grown around the world so they’re no longer fresh by the time they hit store shelves.

If you really want to get the most out of your product, you should grow your own fruit and vegetable gardens. This gives you complete control over the environment that your produce is raised in. When you have fruit and vegetable gardens in your own backyard, you will know for a fact that there weren’t any chemicals used in the growing process. If you’re hesitant to try raising organic produce, rest assured that this project isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem.


In order to grow organic fruit and vegetable gardens, all you need to do is leave chemicals out of the equation and pursue natural choices for keeping your garden healthy. Compost is an excellent fertilizer option that’s completely chemical-free. You can even make your own compost by choosing to put your trash into a compost pile or closed composter. Paper, lawn trimmings, and many types of food waste can be added to a compost pile. Given time, they will decompose into a rich and loamy compost that’s great for organic produce.

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Pest control in organic fruit and vegetable gardens is done with natural methods. Consider common pests in your area before you begin planting. Companion planting will often do wonders for pest control. Planting something that attracts one bug next to a plant that will repel the same pest will give you a very natural and affordable way to control pests. There are also many organic pesticide products that are safe to use in your garden. A little research and knowledge are all you need to maintain completely natural fruit and vegetable gardens.


When you have your own fruit and vegetable gardens in your yard, you’ll always know that your produce is fresh and local. You won’t have to look for information on the packaging at the grocery store to tell you how far your produce has traveled. You’ll know that it has gone just a few feet from your fruit and vegetable gardens to your kitchen and then to your plate.

Organic, home-grown fruits and vegetables are much healthier than anything you’ll find in the grocery store. This type of produce is packed with vitamins and nutrients. The flavor is better than what you’ll get from store bought products as well. Finally, you’ll pad your wallet with savings when everything you need for a salad or side dish is right in your yard. There are so many benefits, you’ll have a hard time finding good excuses not to start planting today.


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