Outdoor Living Trends 2019

Outdoor Living Trends 2019 – With 2019 halfway done, some outdoor living trends are emerging that aim to increase the enjoyment of your pool and patio area with some of the hottest outdoor living trends this year, from xeriscaping to outdoor rooms.

1. Xeriscaping. With water conservation on the brain, the concept of xeriscaping is to include fewer grassy areas (that don’t need watering), strategic plant placement (using shade to cut down on the need for watering) and the use of native plants like alpine violet and black-eyed Susan rather than non-natives. You can also achieve xeriscaping through the use of grading and soil contouring to bring all available moisture to where you need it most, such as a rain garden.

2. Outdoor rooms. With the average American home getting smaller due to diminishing budgets, fewer large lots available or a desire for more comfortable and close-knit living, the trend is to downsize interior living spaces while maximizing outdoor areas. Outdoor kitchens, living rooms and entertainment rooms help homeowners achieve this, incorporating kitchens with sinks and prep areas, wet bars, soft lounges, fire pits, custom stonework, and flat-screen TVs.

3. LED lighting. LED lights are not only more energy efficient, they increase visibility and thus safety around your pool at night. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors and styles to illuminate not only the area around your pool but within it too. You can spend more time outside at night all while adding a fun element to your outdoor escape.

4.Water features. With more and more sleek pools like knife-edge pools making their way onto the NJ scene, unique waterfalls and fountains are being constructed to complement them. Custom water features give you a cooling benefit plus you can relax nearby listening to the gentle sound of running water. Choose a stand-alone feature or have one built right into the landscape of your pool for a natural experience.

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5. Knife-edge pools. Many of you may be familiar with infinity edge pools, which have one side built slightly lower than the others to allow water to fall over the side, resulting in a floating appearance on the horizon. Knife-edge pools are similar but even more luxurious, allowing water to flow over on all four sides rather than just one side for a smooth, mirror-like surface. It’s also called a perimeter edge pool, where the water flows into a groove directly along the edge for a streamlined, flat and precise appearance.


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