Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor Solar Lighting – As the weather warms up outside and the leaves start popping out, it’s only natural to start dreaming about a season full of lively deck and garden parties. For your next series of outdoor soirees, why not consider adding a little accent light that culls its power directly from the sun? Without long, ugly extension cables or access to an outlet, these super handy, not to mention environmentally friendly, garden lights will add a warm glow to any occasion.

A great choice for outdoor lighting accents that can be used year round, the worry-free Christmas lights eliminate the usual hassles of decorative string lighting while providing a sparkling glow for outdoor parties and holidays.

The 26 foot long string needs no plugging in and charges with a solar energy gathering conduit that can be staked in any sunny position so that you can even install the lights themselves in a shady area. A great option for lighting of pathways and stairways, these lights offer about 8 hours of continuous light from a single day of charging.

Speaking of the ultimate in convenience, the dazzling solar net lights do all the work for you after being set up. The perfect tool for quickly and simply lighting whole shrubs or bushes, just stretch this net of bright white LED lights where ever they’re needed and relax! The net extends to cover an area 45 inches long and 36 inches wide and has 50 bright bulbs for a lovely seasonal display. The simple charging base can be staked in any sunny spot and requires a single AAA battery for reserve power. The lights gather enough solar energy during the day to operate for about 8 continuous hours and then shut off automatically when the sun comes up.

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If you’re looking for a light set with a bit of color and the ability to program display times, the 7 Color Programmable Solar Lights is the product for you. This string of 50 ultra bright LED lights stretches 23 feet long and comes with interchangeable color panels in red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and white. Perfect for stretching around doorways or along fences, these lights add a festive element to any party or holiday and keep your work to a minimum. The lights charge from a solar panel base during the day to offer hours of continuous operation at night. Best of all, you can program them to turn off and on exactly when you need them.

Colorful Stained Glass Garden Solar Lights

When it comes to summertime outdoor parties, nearly everyone is familiar with the ever present nuisance of mosquitoes and other insects. Since they are drawn toward light, it only makes sense to combine your lighting accents with a classic big control mechanism. Solar Bug Zapper Light requiring no wiring and charging in the sunlight by day, these attractive beacons keep the local bug population in check by delivering a quick, effective zap when moths and mosquitoes approach it. A green update to a classic, these handy lights require one AA battery for night long operation.

Solar insect zappers

Smart Solar Color Changing Dragonfly String Light Decor, Kohl’s

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