Gardening Tips: How To Have A Perfect Garden?

In these spring months nothing is better than enjoying your garden and open air space – if you are lucky enough to have one – but to make the most of your pocket-handkerchief plot you need to roll up your sleeves and take care of your meadow, plants and flowers. Following some useful tips you will have a nice, flourishing and neat garden, where you can welcome your guests or simply relax in a very pleasant location.

Spring is the season when nature awakes and the colours of the garden, which had become grey in cold winter, get bright again. This is the season when you fell like going out and taking care of your own plants, although it is evident that your garden needs cares also in all the other seasons! To each time of the year correspond some operations to be made to get the most of your garden, and spring, in particular, is also the season when you can reap the benefits of the work of the previous months.

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Vegetables: Growing Asparagus

Asparagus is a hardy perennial plant. It rises to the height of five feet and up, with a vertical, branching stem, short slender tube like leaves, and greenish sagging flowers. The seeds, which are produced in spherical, scarlet berries, are black, somewhat triangular, and retain their germination powers four years. It is indigenous to the shores of various countries of Europe and Asia and since its introduction, has become domesticated to a considerable extent in this country.

Propagation – Asparagus is propagated from seed, which may be sown either in autumn, just before the closing-up of the ground, or in spring as soon as the soil is in good working condition. The seed-bed should be thoroughly spaded over, or tilled up so the soil is fine. Level and raked the surface smooth.

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How To Grow An Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden

Some people just seem to have a green thumb and a real knack for growing fresh herbs to make gourmet meals. Using herbs grown in a kitchen window can enhance any meal. Most people think that methods to grow an herb garden are complicated but in truth, they are quite easy. The great thing is that herbs don’t require special soil, they can be grown throughout the year, and the garden could be grown in a window sill, this makes a great project for anyone, even apartment dwellers.

Typically, an herb garden starts by planting seeds in the early part of spring and then as the weather turns warmer, the seeds would be planted in the ground outside. For growing herbs, all you need is a normal pot or container. Any type of container can be used, however, to ensure all organisms that can be found in used pots are killed, they should be washed out with a mixture of bleach and water, followed by a thorough cleaning.

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Outdoor Plants: Fuchsia

Fuchsias occur in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of named varieties of F. hybrida, with the familiar bell-shaped flowers hanging from the stems. These blooms may be single, semi-double or double, with colour combinations of white, pink, red or purple. A collection of these hybrids can provide blooms from spring to fall, and some experts regard the Fuchsia as the most satisfactory of all flowering house outdoor plants.

Unfortunately nearly all of the outdoor plants bought for home decoration or as gifts are consigned to the dustbin once flowering stops and the leaves begin to fall. It is, however, quite easy to overwinter the plant in a cool room.

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Your Garden In Mid-Spring

This is when the garden really comes alive, but while day-time temperatures can dramatically shoot up, beware sudden, crippling frosts. Also, keep seedlings ticking over on windowsills or in greenhouses, shading them on days when the sun is too fierce.

Weeding. One of the best reasons for doing the weeding yourself, and not hiring someone else, is that you will quickly start to know the difference between weeds and seedlings of plants that you want to keep. If the latter are growing in the wrong place, pot them up and grow them on for planting in the border later.

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Fruit Plants: Growing Grapes On Your Own

Almost everyone loves grapes. These delicious low-calories fruit is small round berry that grows in clusters on a perennial and deciduous woody vine of the Vitis genus. Though the grapes are today cultivated all over the world, but they initially belonged to Mediterranean and European regions. These semi-translucent fleshed grapes are encased by a smooth thin skin. The grapes can be majorly classified into those which contain seeds and the other that are seedless. Grapes are small in size, they are one of the sweetest and are packed with lots of health benefits at the same time. The question is: what is the possibility to grow them in your own home garden? Surely you will get to love these fruit more, won’t you? Today, growing grapes at home, is not such an intimidating job anymore, due to the wide range of information available these days.

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