Late Summer Plants

Late Summer Plants – Late summer for most people’s gardens can be a little challenging. Many perennials are no longer at their best, annuals sown earlier in the season are looking tired and gaps start to appear in herbaceous borders. However, there are plants that are at their best at this time of the year and will positively shine in your borders to help you enjoy the last long lazy days of summer.

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Silver-Leaved Plants In Garden Design

Silver-Leaved Plants In Garden Design – Plants that have colorful foliage are commonly found in ornamental gardens. Often or not, they are just thrown in without sufficient thought or consideration. They are most effective however, when their specific design potential is understood. This is true for a large number of garden plants whose foliage color is some variant of silver, grey or bluish-green.

Silver grey foliage is both typical and indicative of dry climates and arid conditions. Sage, lavender, santolina, Lamb’s Ears and herbs or aromatic plants like Artemisia originate from the Mediterranean, while the silver-leaved bush Leucophyllum frutescens grows wild in Texas. The leaf size of such plants is characteristically small, narrow and delicate in texture.

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Plants For Particular Aspects

Plants For Particular Aspects – A north-facing wall in total shade will be colder than other parts of the garden. Even plants that tolerate these conditions will grow more slowly than they would in other areas. ln the main, plants grown for their foliage are better on north-facing walls than those  grown for their flowers.

There are a few flowering plants  suitable for such walls. They include the evergreen climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris), which will climb a large wall without help and produce lace-cap  hydrangea flowers that turn a pretty tan color as they  fade and last into winter.

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5 Common Lawn Care Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

With fall just around the corner, right now is the best time to do some lawn maintenance to ensure that you have a thick, green and healthy turf in the spring. In our article ‘Keeping Your Lawn as Beautiful as a Ballpark’ we explained that autumn and spring are the best times to plant new seeds due to the moderate temperatures. It’s important to avoid drastic temperature changes that will shock the seeds and prevent growth. So, let’s have a look at five common lawn care mistakes you should avoid if you want your grass to be green and lush.

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Outdoor Living Trends 2019

Outdoor Living Trends 2019 – With 2019 halfway done, some outdoor living trends are emerging that aim to increase the enjoyment of your pool and patio area with some of the hottest outdoor living trends this year, from xeriscaping to outdoor rooms.

1. Xeriscaping. With water conservation on the brain, the concept of xeriscaping is to include fewer grassy areas (that don’t need watering), strategic plant placement (using shade to cut down on the need for watering) and the use of native plants like alpine violet and black-eyed Susan rather than non-natives. You can also achieve xeriscaping through the use of grading and soil contouring to bring all available moisture to where you need it most, such as a rain garden.

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Care And Growth of Rosemary Plants

Care And Growth of Rosemary Plants – Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial, evergreen shrub. Not only are they wonderful cooking herbs, they are also dependable staples to consider in any drought tolerant landscape. These plants are native to the Mediterranean region which is known for mild winters, hot summers and generally low rainfall.

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