Lachenalia Plant

Lachenalia Plant – Lachenalia (also known as Cape cowslip or wild hyacinth) is an attractive perennial plant which provides a host of tubular flowers in winter. It is a winter growing bulb under South African conditions. Despite its novel appearance, Lachenalia has never been popular because of its inability to live in a heated room. Lachenalia is a good container plant and also ideal for a sunny rockery. Continue Reading

Pumpkins For Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Pumpkins For Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns – Pumpkins are the quintessential symbol of Halloween. Children all over America carve or help carve them into Jack-O-Lanterns each year. Next year, try growing your own Halloween pumpkins. Pumpkins, along with their close relatives, squash, are native to the Americas. Like American cities, they sprawl all over the landscape and require a lot of room to spread out. Continue Reading

Container Gardening In Cold Climates

Container Gardening In Cold Climates – Container gardening becomes a challenging task in the winter and during cold weather because soil in a pot could potentially freeze. This is why you have to follow several important tips when trying to create a container garden in a cold climate.

Choose the right containers. There are so many possibilities for plant containers, how do you choose the ones that will withstand the effects of the cold weather? Continue Reading

4 Tips to Good Lawn Care

A home that has a neglected lawn looks ugly. It’s actually a clear indicator of an abandoned home. On the other hand, keeping your lawn in good shape requires effort and commitment. This is because the grass will not grow unless it’s well nourished with water and fertilizers. Weeds must also be eradicated to prevent them from spreading. The problem with most homeowners is that they are not aware about the things they should do to maintain their lawn. Here are simple tips that can help you take care of your lawn stress free. Continue Reading

Selection Of Vegetables For The Organic Garden

Selection Of Vegetables For The Organic Garden – Vegetables are good for your health and as such should form part of our everyday eating habits. Organically produced vegetables (grown naturally without the use of pesticides and with only natural fertilizer) are even healthier still. People mostly start growing vegetables so that they can eat fresh vegetables on a daily basis. Companion planting in your organic garden is the idea that some vegetables have a beneficial effect on others growing nearby and other plants have a detrimental influence. Continue Reading