5 Tips to Caring For Your Garden

There really are no shortcuts when it comes to gardening. If you want a healthy garden, then you will have to do plenty of regular maintenance all through the growing seasons. Plants need enough water, sun, and nutrients in order to be productive. However, garden care doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. As long as you dedicate yourself to doing some general garden chores every week, then you should have a flourishing garden in no time. Continue Reading

Using A Scented Trees And Shrubs For Your Landscape

Using A Scented Trees And Shrubs For Your Landscape – Trees and shrubs can have many different forms, for example many conifers are conical, pyramidal, or powerfully vertical. Some are prostrate and spreading. To some degree these are scented and everyone is familiar with the scent of pine, but it is only if you rub or brush against the tree, which can be a prickly experience! Weeping trees have a very attractive romantic form and scented varieties include weeping Cercidiphyllum (Katsura Tree) Pendulum, which is quite spectacular. It has thrilling color in the fall and is scented like caramel. Also the weeping Silver Lime is an attractive choice for scented gardening. A shrub that looks like a small tree is Buddleja Alternifolia, and it has lovely flowers with the scent of honey in early summer. Continue Reading

Natural Gardening Ways For Growing Beans

Natural Gardening Ways For Growing Beans – A favorite vegetable in Europe especially France where some varieties are specially grown for shelling and drying as haricots, most beans however are grown for their pods which are cooked and eaten whole. They are best picked and eaten when young. French beans also freeze well. There are three types of French beans, pencil-podded, usually flat-podded and wax-pods. Continue Reading

Garden Lighting For Perfect Look Of Your Backyard

Garden Lighting For Perfect Look Of Your Backyard – With the summer months approaching and the weather forecast indicating that certain countries are in for record temperatures, a lot of people are spending a lot more time in their gardens.

From the time they get up in the morning, to the time that the sun goes down, they are in the garden. Some people spend their time sunning themselves in the garden, and other people are actually working on their garden in preparation for the family to come and visit. Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Honda Riding Lawn Mowers

Unless you have what is referred to as a tiny “postage stamp size lawn,” mowing your grass from early spring throughout late autumn can be a real pain – literally! The amount of exertion combined with high temperatures can quickly drain you of any ambition you may have begun with. Traditional push mowers, even those which are self-propelled can be taxing on your body and often too heavy to handle. Why not check out the best Honda riding lawn mower for the size and features of your yard? Why Honda? It’s all about excellence as you shall soon see. Continue Reading

Lewisia: Beautiful Rockery Plant

Lewisia: Beautiful Rockery Plant – Lewisia (Bitteroot, Cantelow’s; Shortsepal) in bloom is sure to please; yellows and reds predominate and so the flowers may be pink, peach or orange as well as white. The petals are frequently striped – a colorful display in your rock garden for early summer.

Unfortunately, this American hardy perennial plant is not easy to keep alive in the rockery. The fleshy leaves form a rosette and rotting of the crown takes place if water is allowed to stand in the heart of this rosette during winter. Continue Reading