DIY All-Natural Methods For Controlling Bugs & Pests In Your Yard

Controlling bugs and pests in your home starts with doing the same thing for your yard. You want to make sure you don’t have a landscape that is inviting to pests. That can be a little difficult when you have a beautiful garden with flowers and especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables. It is also difficult when you consider the sheer number of pests that you are up against in this battle. That being said, here are some solid tips for pest control in your yard this summer. Continue Reading

Designing A Flower Garden

Designing A Flower Garden – A flower garden will bring you endless enjoyment. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it can fill your yard with fragrance and butterflies. Your friends will admire you, and you will love to relax at home while you relish your creation.

But if you create your garden haphazardly, you’ll be very disappointed. For example, if you plant the lush, tall flowers on the edges of a flower bed, they will hide the shorter ones within. If you plant a bulb in a shaded area when it needs lots of sun, it will most likely die. Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know About Professional Jigsaws

A jigsaw(sabre saw) is a necessity for woodwork workshop as its functionalities are crucial for efficient cutting operations and quality finishing. Professional jigsaws are power tools that are primarily used to make straight cuts, curved cuts, plunge cuts and bevel cuts among other delicate cuts. There are different types of professional cuts available in the market. Some of the basics facts you should acquaint yourself with about professional jigsaws as enumerated below include: Continue Reading

Saponaria Plant

Saponaria Plant – The common names of Saponaria (Soapwort, Bouncing Bet) are a guide to some of its  properties. Stir a handful of cut leaves in a bowl of water and the lather produced reveals why it is called Soapwort. Leave a clump  to grow undisturbed in the border for a few years and the sight of  its stems springing up amongst other plants reveals why it is also called Bouncing Bet.

Continue Reading