Constructing A Herb Tower

Constructing A Herb Tower – The cooking enthusiasts always like to have pots of herbs next to the kitchen door, so that they can take one step outside and pick a sprig or two while cooking. Most herbs are sun lovers, so a sunny site is of prime importance to grow a good crop.

The smaller species – thyme, chives, oregano and sage – can be grown in a group in a herb pot or, as here, in a herb tower. The larger-growing shrubs and trees, such as rosemary and bay, are best given a pot to themselves. Mint, also, should be grown on its own as it can be extremely invasive. For a better look you can add strawberries. Continue Reading

5 Reasons that Biodynamics and Tree Management are Important in 2018

The world has gotten so industrialized that it is about time focus shifted to taking care of the environment that the new age is destroying. The numbers of automobiles on roads are in their millions. The smoke from companies is also on the rise. Given that most of the foods that have the best nutrients are extracted from the ground calls for a need to better manage trees and employ biodynamics all over. Biodynamic agriculture pays attention to all the components of the environment such as soil fertility, the growth of plants, and best care to animals since they are all correlated. Below are some of the reasons to employ both biodynamics and tree management. Continue Reading


Puschkinia -It is strange that this close relative of the Bluebell is so rarely grown. Puschkinia is an excellent plant for the rockery – a trouble-free, low-growing plant which bears its attractive blooms early in the year. It spreads quite rapidly by means of offsets which can be used to increase your stock.

The species grown as a garden plant is Puschkinia scilloides (Striped Squill). Flowering in early spring, each stem carries about six flowers which are open starry bells – each petal is pale blue with a central dark blue stripe. Colorful and easy, yet hardly known by gardeners. Continue Reading

It’s Time To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

It’s Time To Prepare Your Garden For Spring – Gardening in winter is crucial if you want to keep your garden healthy throughout the year. Protecting plants from the frost, harvesting winter produce and pruning dormant trees are all essential jobs to make the transition to spring and summer all that more easy.

As well as conducting essential maintenance, winter is the perfect time to take a look at your garden landscape and plan any changes for the upcoming year.

Do you need to rotate your crops? Perhaps your land is looking a bit barren, maybe some more evergreens would benefit for the following year? What seeds should you be ordering in? Continue Reading