Early July Gardening

Early July Gardening – In the flower garden there is now profusion as we enjoy more roses, phloxes, campanulas, heleniums, hemerocallis (day lilies) and gladioli etc. etc. Indeed there are enough flowers for everybody. There are few bulbs that can compete with the autumn crocus’ bright performance given during the last months of the year.

They are best ordered this month for planting in August. Nurserymen seldom hold large stocks and the gardener who leaves his order until August may be disappointed.

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Planting Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) – One of the main drawbacks of growing annual flowering plants in Mediterranean and other dry climate regions is their excessive water consumption. Annuals in hot, dry summer areas require water based on at least 6mm a day, which is 6 liters per square meter. Over the year, this can amount to more than a cubic meter of irrigation water for every meter square – an unviable and unacceptable rate, unless the area planted with annual flowers is reduced to a minimum. Madagascar Periwinkle however, can be successfully grown, creating a lovely carpet of color, on a third, perhaps a quarter of that amount, thereby saving you much water and expense.

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Creating Rosemary Garden

Creating Rosemary Garden – Rosemary is an herb that is easy to grow, many beginners of herb gardening generally include a small rosemary garden in their herb gardening plans. You can find them in just about any nursery. Generally, younger plants are cheaper than those which are mature, since it takes sometime for this plant to fill out.

Rosemary herb is grown from seed, cuttings and pre-seeded plants. It you have a friend who enjoys their own rosemary garden, ask for some plant cuttings. Most often you wish will be granted.

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Enjoy This Summer In The Water Garden!

Enjoy This Summer In The Water Garden! – If this is the first time you’re attempting the water gardening, perhaps you should start with a moderate size pond instead of one huge one. After all, you can add on to the size of the pond later if you want, whereas if you do not like it it’s also cheaper to remove a smaller sized pond.

Having a pool of body in your own backyard is not as easy as just digging and filling it up with water, because the water will ultimately seeps back into the soil. Therefore you’ll need to use a liner for your pond, which can be obtained from your local garden center, think of it as a smaller version of a swimming pool.

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