Types Of Planters For Your Patio

Types Of Planters For Your Patio – Ceramic pots or ceramic planters as they are often called come in many colors, designs, and shapes. To decorate your backyard living space and for an added pop of color as in an azure blue, or terra cotta color, add a few to your patio or backyard garden area. These decorative planters add height to your favorite flowers and are convenient and easy to move and rearrange when the need or desire arises.

Cedar planter boxes are versatile and sturdy and come in square and rectangle shapes. These are stand alone flower containers that come in different heights for a layered look and to fill in large spaces with colorful flowers and greenery.

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Moving Water In The Garden

Moving Water In The Garden – Adding movement to water creates a truly magical effect. Reflections are enhanced, the sound of  moving water is soothing and musical, and fish benefit  from the enhanced oxygenation of the water. Water lilies,  however, prefer still water, so are better suited to ponds without fountains, or where a fountain is offset so that part of the pond remains still. Movement can he created by fountains, waterspouts, rills or cascades and is guaranteed to bring sparkle and dash to the garden. As always, it should he planned in scale with the area. A gentle trickle can he refreshing in a small garden, where a large fountain  would be pretentious. 

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How to maintain your garden like a pro in 4 easy steps

Amidst the rapid urbanization, more people are still getting interested in maintaining small gardens within their properties. Some consider gardening as a form of art to harmonize with the elegance of their home while others consider it as a channel to relieve their stress and to exercise. Many people also practice organic gardening for a sustainable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in their backyards.


Maintaining a healthy garden requires ample knowledge, a set of skills, and experience. Even those who have been maintaining their own gardens for years are still confused with what practices need to be done. For professional garden maintenance and landscaping needs, you may consult with a garden specialist near you. Most garden procedures are, however, not that complicated and can be accomplished using a couple of tips and tricks. Learn how to maintain your garden like a pro with these 4 easy steps. Continue Reading

Colors For Your Spring Garden

Colors For Your Spring Garden – Here is a general description of spring perennials/annuals for your spring garden.

Perennials for spring color garden

Ajuga Plants – Purplish/brownish in color grown for their foliage easy to grow and propagate. Can be used as ground cover.
Black Eyed Susan – Usually yellow daisy like blooms with large black center they do better in full sun. Continue Reading