Abutilon (Flowering Maple)

Abutilon (Flowering Maple) – The typical Abutilon or flowering maple is a vigorous shrub with large Sycamore-like leaves and pendant blooms which are borne on slender stalks between early summer and fall. It is a plant which needs room to spread – a large window which receives some filtered sunlight during the day is ideal.

The leaves are often variegated with white or yellow patches and a couple of varieties (A. striatum thompsonii and A. hybridum savitzii) are regarded as foliage house plants which bear summer flowers as a bonus. Abutilon is not a difficult plant to grow despite its exotic appearance. It needs neither unduly warm conditions nor moist air and it benefits from being stood outdoors in summer.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers – Valentine’s Day is the day to show your love and appreciation to your partner. The traditional gift for this occasion will always be the Valentine’s flowers received by the ladies. Valentine’s flowers are not restricted to just ladies though, all men would be happy to receive flowers although they may not admit it. If you decide to buy flowers for someone you love this year, you can get them by ordering online. This will give you a chance to check out the online florist and pick something that you want for your loved one.

On February the 14th every year couples young and old express their love and devotion for each other by giving gifts or maybe even planning their wedding for Valentine’s Day. And as long as they are together, are bound to celebrate this day in one way or another.



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Indoor Winter Gardening

Indoor Winter Gardening – People with indoor gardens residing in areas that have chilly wintry months must remember that even though the plants indoors are shielded from the fury of the elements raging outside, a lot of safety measures should be taken and modifications carried out for indoor winter gardening.
In the first place, if you purchase new plants in winter, ensure they are properly enveloped in newspapers or paper covers for that brief walk from the shop to your vehicle, and from there to your residence. Always bear in mind that even a momentary contact with the outside cold air can harm or even destroy some houseplants. Never put the plants in the boot of your vehicle. It is always advisable to place them in front and switch on the heater.

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Organic Gardening Supply

Organic Gardening Supply – Some gardeners now use nothing but organic products and tools. Organic gardeners need supplies that may differ a little from the conventional gardener in order to sustain their gardens.

To prepare the garden for planting, a shovel, spade and spading fork are priceless. A hoe is useful to remove the weeds in your new garden bed or to remove rocks. A scuffle hoe has a blade that points forward and cuts the weeds off at the surface. A pry bar can be used to dig up the large rocks or boulders that can be a problem in your garden.

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Late Winter Gardening Tasks

Late Winter Gardening Tasks – In favorable areas late winter can be almost spring-like, especially in a mild period, but don’t be lulled into sowing and planting outdoors too soon. If the weather turns cold, seeds will not germinate, and seedlings and plants may receive such a check to their growth that they do not do as well as those sown or planted later. Concentrate your efforts on indoor sowing, but make the most of frames and cloches, too, for early crops.

One way of getting plants off to an early start (tomatoes and lettuces, for example) is to sow them in small plastic containers, clearly labelled, in a heated greenhouse. This means that when the spring temperatures do pick up, they can be moved outside, under cloches especially at night when the temperatures can suddenly drop.

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Herbs For Indoor Garden

Herbs For indoor Garden – When we think of starting a garden, the first location to plant that come to mind is the great out doors, usually in a back yard a small plot of land close to where we live. Surprisingly, gardens can also be cultivated indoors in pots or containers of various sizes. Window boxes or hanging baskets provide an excellent place to grow herbs indoors. Growing herbs in this way is just as comfortable as growing them in an outdoor garden. The same requirements are needed for growing an indoor garden as is for an outdoor garden.

When you get right down to it, all plants need three basic requirements to grow successfully; and they are sunlight, soil and water. Herbs are no different.


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