Pergola: A Beautiful Addition To Your Garden

Pergola: A Beautiful Addition To Your Garden – Pergolas are a type of gazebo that are very common in outdoor spaces. They can provide a little shade, and a lot of beauty. They can also be attached to houses to create a fluid outdoor area, or they can be detached and free standing. No matter what type of pergola you have, here are some ways to turn it into a beautiful addition to your garden.

Lights. Lighting your pergola with strings of lights is a guaranteed way to make it a breathtaking, romantic space. Most people use white strands of lights or twinkle-lights, but the options are as wide as your imagination! You can use lights with curtains or drapes to create a private atmosphere great for any occasion.

Some people would think to use candles for lighting in their pergola, but if you have dry grass, plants, or curtains or drapes around, it could be a fire hazard to use candles. If you are looking for alternate lighting options besides strands of lights, you can try battery-powered flame-less candles, or lanterns.

Drapes or curtains can add beauty to a pergola, and can also add privacy. Using drapes on pergolas has become very stylish and common for outdoor gatherings. There are many options of curtains and drapes to choose from. You can choose very thin curtains to let light and noise through, or thick curtains if you are looking for more privacy and the ability to control the amount of light within the pergola. You can also use curtains with greenery if you want a style that has a little bit of both elements.

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Greenery. Plants, vines, and foliage are commonly used to decorate pergolas. It can take a while to find the exact plants you want to use for your pergola, and then a little longer for them to start growing. Ivy and vines are especially desired because of their ability to wrap around the wood posts, and because of how quickly they grow. There are even some flowers and bushes that are able to grow on pergolas. If you aren’t sure what kind of greenery you want to put on your pergola, there are many resources on the internet that can help you. You can also go to a greenhouse for information to see the different types of plants and how they would look together. Growing greenery on your pergola is a sure way to give it a classic, beautiful look.

Pergola canopy. If you want to use your pergola for many different things, through all types of weather, you may want to consider a pergola canopy. These canopies can be retractable if you decide to let more light through, but can also guard against rain and bright sunlight when they are opened. Pergola canopies are usually not used with greenery, because the plants can get tangled or damaged, but they can be used with drapes or curtains for the ultimate private area. These canopies can also provide protection for your house and furniture by blocking out UV rays if your pergola is attached to an indoor space.

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