Planning a Garden above Septic Tank

A colorful garden can make your house look astonishingly beautiful. Looking at the garden helps to reduce the stress we bear for our daily duties.  But if you have a shortage of space, how can you manage to have a garden that will make your morning a blissful one?

Here comes the idea of utilizing the land above the septic tank or the drain field that we usually dump for nothing!

Here are some quick tips following which you will get a garden despite land shortage!

Preconditions to be Met

Before you start planting trees, make sure the land meet these prerequisites-

  1. The land above the septic tank or drain field is usually more moisture than normal land. A little extra moisture in the land helps the plants to grow faster. But make sure you use septic tank treatments in your septic systems so that the tank does not backup or make the field wetter than it should be.
  2. The drain field or the land above the septic system should get enough sunlight so that it does not hold the moisture for long.
  3. Make sure the drainage system is good so that the land does not hold the water if it rains.

Choosing The Plant

Picking up the right plant is another important factor when you are planning a garden above the septic system. Long and strong-rooted plants can penetrate the septic tank or pipelines. So, you must avoid plants that are long-rooted and strong.

Shallow rooted flower plants or good looking grasses are the most recommended plants that you can have in such type of garden.

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When choosing a plant for the garden, ensure that the plant does not need any machine for planting. You should plant it by hand. Using heavy machines on the drain field or sewage system can cause serious harm.

Can you make it Vegetable or Fruit Garden?

No, you should not eat anything that grows above or near to the septic tank or drain field. The field carries harmful bacteria. If you eat fruits or vegetables grown on the drain field, it can cause health issues. So, why risk health?  You should go with a flower garden that will give your house an outstanding look.

Final words

Now that you know how to utilize the land above the septic system, I wish you all the best to make an astonishing garden. Make sure you got the right plant for your garden planted in the right place. Plants should not be big and heavy so that you do not harm the system under the ground for the gardening.


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